New modem, teamspeak doesn't connect anymore unless with LAN

By shughi94
Feb 29, 2016
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  1. Hi,

    as said in the title, I got a new modem (same as the one I had before, just the new model ), and I noticed something strange:
    The internet works fine, I can surf and everything, but when I try to connect to teamspeak I just get a lost connection error. Another weird thing happens when I try to play league of legends: when the game starts, I get a network error, and during the game, I keep getting the "attempting to reconnect" even tho the game runs fine.
    Same thing happens on my other computer, so I think it's a modem related problem.

    I kinda found a fix : if I connect to the modem through LAN, everything works normally.

    Things I tried but didn't work out :
    - disabling firewall and antivirus
    - open the needed ports on the modem
    - change the channel of the wifi

    I did a netalyzr test that showed me:

    Direct TCP connections to:

    - remote SMTP/SSL servers (port 465)
    - remote IMAP/SSL servers (port 993)
    - remote POP/SSL servers (port 995)

    succeed, but do not receive the expected content.

    "The client received an empty response instead of our normal banner. This suggests that a firewall, proxy, or filter initially allowed the connection and then terminated it, either because it did not understand our server's reply or decided to block the service."

    And under the Network Access Link Properties:
    "We recorded a packet loss of 100%. This loss is very significant and will lead to serious performance problems. It could be due either to very high load on our servers due to a large number of visitors, or problems in your network. Of the packet loss, at least 99.5% of the packets appear to have been lost on the path from your computer to our servers."

    These are the current setting:
    -Windows 7, Service pack 1.
    -Modem: Fritz Box 7490, ISP = sunrise

    Any Idea on how can I fix this?

    thanks for your help,

  2. ITLogicSystems

    ITLogicSystems TS Booster Posts: 28   +7

    Try a different ethernet cable going from your PC to the router. Also try a different port in the router, if you are in say LAN1, move to LAN2, and so on. 100% packet loss is bad news, could turn out that the replacement router is bad out of the box. Hope this helps!!

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