New Nvidia Drivers ?

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Jun 7, 2002
  1. New Drivers

    Where exactly are the new NVidia drivers and has anyone actually tested the Quincunz anti-alaising and its impact on performance. I have a Visiontek Ti200 o/c'd at 470 mem 205 core. Tried to run Quincunz on Jedi Knight but the performance hit was to much. Well at any rate is someone tests this please let me know. Thanks....
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    I assume your talking about leaked beta drivers because the Nvidia site doesn't have any new drivers. You can find pretty much any version driver you want by going to and doing a search for nvidia drivers. They have links to downloads and refresh rate fixes also.

    As far as quincunz I don't know because I don't game very much. I'll let some of our more experienced gamers answer this one.
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    Reminds me of that new Eminem CD...

    Try google. 29.42 Detonator drivers right?
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    I was under the impression that Quincunz FSAA was a happy medium between x2 and x4 though it is only used on Nvidia chipsets.
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    I assume your talking about the new 32 driver that were posted on the homepage.

    As of now there is no mention of it on their site that I see so I would guess it hasn't been released just yet. Be patient I'm sure soon enough it'll be out. :)
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    Thank You All

    I of course checked on Nvidia site first thing after reading the news post on the front page and Tim's post earlier. Should have thought to try Goggle, don't know why I didn't seeing how I have found almost every fix for a computer problem there, outstanding search engine. Guess I will stay in the 28.32's till Nvidia officially releases them.
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    Guess you'll have to wait a little while...:(
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