New PC will not load XP

By RickyG
Dec 22, 2004
  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently built a PC for my daughter after her old one died. Its only for surfing and homework so I bought a new Sempron 2300, PC chips M863G mobo, 256MB DDR crucial memory and OEM Windows XP CD and midi tower.
    The only old bits I used were CD rom and the old 20GB hard drive (which had a very messed up Windows ME on it).
    It booted up first time with Win ME but of course I wanted to use my new XP disk so I had to get rid of Win ME. it just wouldnt uninstall so I ended up using fdisk to get rid of the partition, formatted the disk and tried to install XP. The xp disk boots ok and I get the setup screen where it seems to be loading the primary drivers etc until it gets to the message "starting windows" and then nothing further happens.... I have tried this several times and even tried another XP disk from my PC and the same thing happens. I know the PC works cos when I put in an old Win 98 cd it loads the operating system no trouble. Am I doing something really stupid here??
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