New PSU needed?

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Sep 23, 2007
  1. Well im planning on buying a couple of new parts for my computer.

    My Current Spec is:

    AMD Athlon 64 Bit 3800+ 2.0ghz x2 Dual Core CPU
    Foxconn Nforce 410 Motherboard (with 4 RAM slots)
    7600 GT 256MB PCI-E Graphics Card
    5:1 Channel Audio
    250GB Sata Hard Drive
    16x Dual Layer DVD/RW
    400w PSU
    2048MB DDR RAM - thats my motherboard.

    Thinking about this processor

    Or this

    I was also thinking about upgrading my GPU to a 8800GTS or a 8600GTS

    The PSU I am using is a SN-400 Generic ATX PSU, did a google search for it but it turned up empty, the PSU came with my system. It seems to have served me ok so far with my current spec.

    I play pc games and I have started to experience a slowdown in the latest games hence the pc upgrade.

    Couple of things im unsure about though..

    1. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade my CPU to one of the ones listed? Would I notice a big difference?

    2. Would it be better to upgrade my GPU?

    3. If I did decide to go for an upgrade of CPU or GPU or both, would I need a PSU upgrade? If so which one should I buy??

    4. I have never installed a new CPU before how difficult is it? Should I get a professional to install it for me? Same as a new PSU Do I need a proffesional for this?

    My Budget is $400 but I could stretch to $600 although I would prefer not to go that far.

    Can you guys help me out?

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. mailpup

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    None of your links work. You just pasted them with missing data and didn't make a link.

    A few games would benefit if you upgraded your processor but most would appreciate a graphics card upgrade. I would also recommend a power supply upgrade to go along with that.
  3. Necrosjef

    Necrosjef Topic Starter

    Sorry about that, should work fine now.
  4. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Vid card and PSU would be a smart thing. spend good money on the psu, Antec is good.

    As for upgrading the proc I would not at the moment until you upgrade your board and ram with it. Most new boards now use ddr2 which is faster and less of a bottleneck.

    As for instlling yourself It is very easy to install a cpu on a mobo just make sure you google instruction first with pics for a reference.
  5. Necrosjef

    Necrosjef Topic Starter


    What PSU should i be looking for exactly I see alot of antec ones are various prices...

    The graphics card I was looking at is an 8800GTS, would I be bottlenecked at all using my processor with this GPU?
  6. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

  7. Necrosjef

    Necrosjef Topic Starter

    Thanks alot.

    Is there anything I should know about installing a PSU? Or is it just a case of removing my current one and replacing it?
  8. Firedawg1971

    Firedawg1971 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Just make sure all connections are secure and you dont forget any.

    Replacing the psu is the easiest part.

    Make sure no wiring gets in the way of fans when case closed, zip ties are great for this.
  9. raybay

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    Get a power supply with at least 500 Watts and 24 amps output... Watts don't mean much but amps do. Any top brand: PC Power and Cooling, CoolerMaster, Antec, Corsair, Sparkle, FSP or FSP Group (my favorite), ePower, Seasonic (superb), OCZ, and a few others. Avoid store brands. Avoid Bestec, Avoid PowerMan, Avoid Delta.
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