New Raspberry Pi boards to be made in the UK instead of China


TS Evangelist
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has starting building the new revision of its credit card-sized computer in Wales, shifting production away from the Chinese factories thanks to a new deal with Sony UK. As part of the deal, Sony will assemble...

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TS Guru
Maybe someone can give a few examples of how they are using this other than a show and tell piece that stays on a shelf.

I know alot of Schools up and down the country are using it. How they are using it on the other hand I do not know

if they are teacing kids how to program, and so useful things then great, If not then theres really no point in this. I have a friend who says he made his into a media center to stream stuff from his PC upstairs, to his HD TV, for less than £20 (Full HD quality and all) Cheaper than any media streaming box.