New screen resulting in several problems

By Klapeteran
Oct 22, 2015
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  1. Hey there,


    recently my old Samsung T220 screen broke. While working he just turned black.
    Turning it off and on would result in giving a picture for 1 second, a dimmed down for 2 more seconds and then going black again. This is repeatable but not enjoyable.

    So the same day I bought a more or less randomly new one. I went with samsung again,
    as I was very satisfied with the T220 over the last 6 years.
    The "Samsung S24D390HL" gave me screen tearing, blurs and lags in all moving applications:
    Scrolling in browser, videos, games.

    As the T220 had 2ms response time but the S24D390HL only had 5ms, I thought that may be the reason. So I brought it back, got refunded and bought one with the same response time of 2ms:The iiyama B2483HS-B1. I didn't like the picture overall but the main problem remained while I feel it got a little bit better than the one before.
    I tried this screen on the pc of my flatmate, giving more or less the same results.
    The guy at the shop I brought it back to approved what I felt wasn't a fluid picture but blurry areas in the upper and down third of the screen while scrolling over an article of text on browser. So they took it back, refunded and I took another one.

    Hoping to exclude eventual compatibility problems with my graphics card I took the same manufacturer for the screen. The ASUS VS248HR had good reviews on input lag and
    only 1ms response time. So it finally should work I hoped.
    Instead connecting it resulted in my PC not booting correctly anymore.
    It would turn on, but giving no signal to the monitor as well as not the usual sounds while booting. From my experience it sounded like booting with no graphics card.
    So I decided to put the graphics card out, clean it and put it in again.
    While doing this I had all cables instead of the ones for the graphics card still plugged in.
    I heard a sound like the one you hear when putting the cinch sound cable in and out through my speakers.

    The situation now
    Now the screen does generally work but I don't have sound anymore.
    The picture of this third screen is less laggy and blurry while movements appear than the two I bought before but way worse than it worked with the T220 I had originally.

    I checked as much as I could imagine, though the system worked perfectly fine before:
    - all drivers were updated
    - hardware acceleration on browser and video didn't change something noticeble
    - changing vsync or resolution did have an effect but no satisfying result was possible
    - formating and reinstalling the whole system didnt help

    - sound works fine says windows for the standard sound exit
    - sound cable does get plugged in and out says Realtek high definition audio driver
    if installed (which wasn't when everything worked fine before), my speakers receive a dull sound while this is performed endlessly

    - different monitor settings tried with all three screens
    - DVI or Hdmi connection giving same results
    - an old screen of my flatmate with less resolution didnt create these noticeable problems on my system

    My questions:

    I assume the unavailable sound to be a hardware problem.
    Something must have happened with the mainboard while I put the graphics card in and out.
    What do you think?

    For the graphics I got unsure of what's causing the problem, trying the third screen now.
    A stable picture doesn't give me any problems. But moving pictures are just too slow / unfluid / laggy / blurry to what I'm used to. It is a mediocre problem concerning videos or while scrolling text and a big one while in videogames. The game I am testing with is Team Fortress 2, which worked smooth since 2008 on two lower systems before and still achieves between 140 and 280 fps.
    Does that mean the hardware is ok but the screen doesnt transport it?
    The main change to the system is the resolution (coming from 16:10, 1680:1050 to 16:9, 1920:1080) and I wonder if this is somehow the reason for the problem.
    Or did the mainboard or graphics card got damaged? Or is it actually this third screen itself?


    My Specs:

    Win 7 Home Premium, 64bit, SP 1
    AMD FX(tm) 6300 Six-Core Processor, 3500 MHZ
    Asrock 970 Extreme3 Motherboard
    AMD Radeon R9 280x
    8 GB DDR3 RAM
    Thermaltake Berlin 630W powersupply

    (working fine for more than a year now; still guarantee on all parts)

    Thx in advance

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