new sound card (cmi8738sx) trouble

By brian44
Apr 17, 2006
  1. after giving up on my integrated audio(intel ac97, odd midi trouble ) i got an acoustic 4 sound card based on cmi8738sx supposedly only requiring pentium 2 and 64mb sounds pretty basic to me. after disabling the integrated audio, then the midi and joystick ports in bios the new card and ports were detected and installed ok. sound was fine on startup but didnt get to check much else as my pc froze up with a loud buzz in the speakers. i had deleted the drivers for the intel ac97 and midi/joystick but not the codecs, could this be it? after tryin a few times more ive removed the card and restored the pc (and ports) with my ghost image and am back to square 1. this is all due to my synth not being detected by its supplied software (standard casio apparently) or any sequencers ive got (all freebees as i still dont know if my ol' pc is gonna be any use for makin music).

    i have xp sp2 pentium 3.

    i want my old atari st back :-?
  2. Tedster

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    are your speakers digital or analog. If digital, you need to set it in windows.
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