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By acacia666avenue
Jun 16, 2008
  1. I am going to buy the Creative Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer sound card and I was wondering what are the best for 3-piece systems and also what is the best for surround.

    I was currently looking at these


    Logitech Z-2300 THX Certified 2.1 200-watt Speaker System
    Logitech Z-4 2.1 3pc 40 Watt Speakers with Remote


    Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System
    Logitech X-540 Surround Sound Speakers

    So if I could some opinions it would be helpful, I haven't decided whether Im getting 3-piece or surround but once i Know the best brand or model it would greatly help me, Thanks
  2. Devonsteele

    Devonsteele TS Rookie

    logitech makes some good speakers those are all good (and usually looks really nice) Not sure if you hav elike a budget type thing or what not but i bought the Klipsh 5.1 system and it was probably a whole lot cheaper then like bose and stuff but it sounds amazing. Check them out to. But the logitechs are really nice sound good on the most part compact as well.
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