New York Police Department is putting Google Glass to the test

Shawn Knight

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Google Glass has already been at the center of at least one police dispute but soon, the wearable could be on the other side of the law. The New York City police department recently purchased a few units and is...

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"A spokesperson for the force told the publication the units will mostly be used for patrol purposes. If successful, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the department develop police-specific apps for the wearable. One idea that immediately comes to mind is an app that could log into a police database."

I have no doubt that their top priority is making it so every trooper can simply look at you and immediately see your criminal record.


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It'd be great if they set up the cameras to always record, that way we can more easily settle conflicts with police officers abusing power.


Their google glass comes with special augmented-reality apps that provide police with reticule or red dot sight to aim, so they can aim/shoot better :D


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They better not ever fine anyone again, for wearing Google Glasses. **** will hit the fan after this gets out.

Well in canada you get a ticket for using your cell while driving but you see police officers on their cell phones all the time. so I guess this is the same difference!