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Nov 16, 2007
  1. I have a new system running XP Pro, ATI TV Wonder 600, GEforce 7600gt. I am getting a pop up box when I shut down the computer. I think it refers to the Catalyst media software that controls the Wonder 600 card, but I don't know if I need to worry about it or how to correct it. The pop up box says "catalyst dll can't be initialized because the system is shutting down" or something similar to that. So far, it has not caused any problems shutting down.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    This is caused by one of two things:
    the catalyst software never finished loading and/or
    the software shutdown did not have time to finish.
    First step would be to reinstall the drivers - make sure you have the maufacturers drivers installed and not the windows set.
  3. bnewt

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    How is this done? Again, please remember that I am pretty shaky doing this type of thing.
  4. AlbertLionheart

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    First we need to be sure that this is the problem - run start > run > [type] msconfig - OK.
    When msconfig opens go to the startup tab and look on the list for anything beginning with ati - where you find it, take the tick out of the box by clicking on it.
    Then look in services tab and click to hide all microsoft services. In whats left, click to deactivate any ati related routines you see.
    Click OK and reboot.
    You will see the error message again (because it is still running) when powering off.
    When you restart you will be presented with a new dialogue box - click OK.
    Power off - if the message has stopped we have confirmed the origin of the fault and you have two options. I) - if it still works OK you can do nothing and live without catalyst or 2) reinstall the drivers.
    If you want to go on, first find the install CD that came with the graphics card. Then go to programs and use any ATi uninstall routine you may have. Opt to take out everything. If nothing there go to control panel > add/remove programs and scroll down the list until you find the ATi software. Double click to select and remove.
    reboot and the system should ask you for the install CD as part of the driver reinstallation process.
  5. bnewt

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    I followed your instructions, & there is an entry in the startup. I unchecked it & the error message did not appear on shutdown & the program seemed to function properly. What should I do next? Should I leave it unchecked - but I always get the registry change message upon start up - or check it again & just ignore the error message?
  6. bradthegreat

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    If your computer/video works fine, leave it. The catalyst software, if I am not mistaken, is just management software for your card, like display resolution, color management, refresh rate...crap like that that you can find elsewhere just lumped in a convenient panel. I rarely use the video card software.

    As far as the registry prompt, there should be a tick box at the lower left that says something like "do not prompt me about changes made." make sure that is checked and rock on!
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