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@Julio Franco I can honestly say I'm not a fan of the new minuscule posting boxes and the emoji fly-out. Both are clumsier than the old software. You formerly could scroll though a lot more of a post for proofreading purposes, and the emojis, once activated, were conveniently placed under the post area. Now, with the fly-out version, it's difficult to even tell where the cursor is located.

Another forum to which I belong, "updated" Vbullertin software, and for whatever reason, those two nuisances appear there as well.

Addendumb: I just discovered the "More Options " button, which does solve the tiny post box issue. But the emoji fly-out panel isn't going anywhere , other than right on top of whatever you're typing. The panel does give you the typed equivalents however, which the old software didn't. I'm not anywhere near a millennial, so my reliance on "cave paintings" isn't anywhere near as severe.

So, the few emoticons I do use, I guess I'll learn the typed versions, (or relearn, as the case may be) Still, that fly-out panel is nasty..

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Inevitably some things had to change as part of the upgrade since the default structure of the forum was entirely redone. Then we take that and make it look like TechSpot and adapt the backend to connect our homegrown CMS with the forum DB.

Also inevitably, some things won't be as polished (or as familiar) as the previous forum version until you adapt and we fix some annoyances, that's part of the development cycle but besides the issue with registration (now fixed -- crossing fingers) the overall upgrade went quite smooth all things considered.

To address your concerns, I have fixed the smilies drop down now. It doesn't resemble the old forum but I think it works properly now and BTW, XF2 now supports native emoji which is good to have. The older Xenforo was EOL anyway and we had to upgrade for the security alone, but there are many things that have been improved:

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@Julio Franco Well, now the "more options" button seems to have disappeared. Meanwhile the emojis appear to be rampantly breeding on their own. Help! :eek:

I need to know, am I on your "naughty list"? Christmas is rapidly approaching, and I have no method of heating the house using coal, should that be what I find in my stocking. I'm assuming Santa Claus' impression of my behavior will likely align itself with that of the other people I inadvertently, (or more likely on purpose), come into contact with. :rolleyes:
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