Nine-year-old Fortnite player handed four-year ban


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The father sounds like a typical millennial manboy who has no clue about how to raise a well-adjusted kid. Its a good thing the company caught this early, because otherwise I can guarantee you that child would've been playing games instead of doing his schoolwork in a few years, and his ***** dad would've been blaming the teachers. Seen a in a hundred times if I've seen it once. These *****s actually think they'll set their kids up as streaming stars and make money off of them - they literally say crap like this and mean it.

I was thinking same thing. I think the dad should be mildly investigated, if possible. It's dudes like this who spawn shitty human beings.
Probably not, but in 4 years games will get to such a point that champions league will be a regular casual solo match. The progression of skill is really backlashing on epic ngl
Alright, tbh I really think the dad is in the right. Look at how insane the kid is, and tell me that when he is in his prime hes not going to be racking up thousands of dollars. I think the dad understands that and his letting his kid who he knows is a prodigy ad letting him do what he truly loves.