Nintendo at E3: Zelda's second DLC, Metroid Prime 4, Rocket League, Super Mario Odyssey...

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Nintendo during its E3 Spotlight event on Tuesday announced the second DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although not confirmed, DLC Pack 2 – referred to as The Champions’ Ballad – appears to be a prequel that’ll focus on the four champions that fought and died 100 years before the events that take place in Breath of the Wild.

The expansion’s teaser, which starts around the 2:12 mark in the video above, shows Goron champion Daruk, Zora champion Mipha, Rito champion Revali and Gerudo champion Urbosa along with Zelda. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t reveal much else about the DLC outside of a holiday 2017 launch window.

In the interim, Zelda fans have the first expansion pack – The Master Trials – to look forward to. Dropping on June 30, it’ll include the room-based Trial of the Sword challenge, Hero’s Path which shows where you’ve been on the map over the past 200 hours of gameplay, a more difficult Hard Mode, a Travel Medallion for creating fast travel points and more.

In related E3 news, Nintendo revealed that Rocket League would be coming to the Switch this holiday season. Super Mario Odyssey, meanwhile, got an October 27 launch date and it was announced that Nintendo is working on a new Metroid game for the Switch – Metroid Prime 4.

All around, it was a pretty good day for Nintendo fans.

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Metroid Prime is up there with Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, Resident Evil 4 and those other elite, once in a decade games that if you missed it, you missed out on a monster piece of gaming perfection and one of those gaming experiences that makes you remember why people love video games so much.
I have taken a 4-5 year absense from gaming but I am keeping a tally of games I want to play when I return.
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Lots and lots of promises .... now what are the odds that they deliver on time?
Of all the conferences, Nintendo had the most games with release dates, and most of those were this year. It was great. Ubisoft had a surprisingly good conference and also had games out soon. Bethesda's conference was the worst, but they also had all their games shown releasing this year.

MS had zero exclusives, and Sony had most stuff for 2018 (which was fine for them due to their insurmountable lead in console sales this gen).

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