Nintendo to accept limited Switch pre-orders at its New York store Friday

Shawn Knight

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Nintendo on Wednesday afternoon revealed on Twitter that it will begin accepting pre-orders for what it called a “limited supply” of Nintendo Switch game systems on Friday, January 13.

The only catch? The pre-order process isn’t playing out online.

Indeed, those wishing to secure a pre-order will only be able to do so at the Nintendo World Store in New York City. The “limited supply” bit isn’t very encouraging, nor is the fact that Nintendo only bothered to mention one store for pre-orders (at least, at this time).

Nintendo is hosting a media event Thursday night from Tokyo where we’re expected to learn more about the Switch. This will be followed by press events on Friday in New York City and London. While nothing has been confirmed, it’s likely that Nintendo will finally reveal missing details of the system including pricing, a firm launch date, system specifications and more.

After all, accepting pre-orders without citing how much the system will sell for doesn’t seem like a wise idea.

The Tokyo livestream gets under way on January 12 (tomorrow) at 11 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Pacific). A quick check of Nintendo’s website also reveals a “Preview Tour” that stops in New York on January 15. Nintendo describes it as a “secret venue” that’s not listed on map programs.

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TS Evangelist
If I lived in NY and they ignored that store as well I wouldn't be in the least bit offended or upset, in fact I'd be completely taken by surprise by the fact that Nintendo has it's own stores somewhere, even if I lived around the corner from it.
They've come a long way since the 1890's when they started out by making playing cards, but not as quickly or as successfully as Samsung who started life in the 60's by making noodles.
Launch date is useless for nintendo **** as they will make/ship like 5 switches a month so earliest anyone normal can buy it is next christmas. Can't be bothered until I can see one in store.

Squid Surprise

TS Evangelist
Um... what time zone is Techspot in.... this article was posted 9AM EST on January 12... so it's not tomorrow... it's TODAY.... the media thingy that is...