No boot, power on and off, no display, just built

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Nov 30, 2007
  1. Ok, so i just finished building this system:

    Raidmax RX-530SS, 530W modular cable power supply
    ABit IP35-E
    Core 2 Duo E6750
    400GB WD Caviar SE, SATA
    Emprex CD/DVD dual layer burner
    2GB OCZ 4-5-5-15 pc6400
    And standing in until the 8800gt gets in, a geforce 6600gt
    CoolerMaster Hyper tx2

    When i first turned it on, all case fans and the cpu fan spun up, as well as the video card fan, and the monitor clicked on. About 4-5 seconds later the system seemingly powered down. Another 2 seconds later it powered back up without me touching the power switch, and the monitor did not respond.

    Since this first experience i've attempted unplugging the cd rom drive, which prevented the system from powering down, but no display ever comes up. Then i also unplugged the hard drive (no operating system on it yet anyway) and the system again powers down after 4-5 seconds and turns back on. This made no sense to me.

    I'm not really sure what could be causing this problem. Did i break the cpu when putting on the massive heat sink? Did i fry the motherboard somehow? I'm reasonably sure the video card is ok. Its been sitting in a box ever since i replaced it.

    The only theory i have is related to the 12V rails. The IP35-E has an 8 pin slot, but says that it will work with a 4 pin connector. The power supply has what looks like an 8pin connector broken in half so that it will work with all ATX motherboards. So far i've only plugged in one of the 4 pin connectors. Should i plug both in?

    Also, i have the dvd hooked up to the master IDE, i doubt this makes any difference, especially when i've unplugged it...

    I may have plugged in the power switch cable backwards initially. Could that cause any of these symptoms?

    Is there any special way you should hook components up to the power supply? Right now i have enough connections to give each fan a direct connection.

    Thanks for any help at all.

    *edit* No beeps are heard at all, even after taking out the memory. And i took out the video card and the same powering on and off persists, with no beeps.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Take the motherboard out of the case. Check to make sure the CPU heatsink is installed properly and that there was thermal paste applied in the right place. Run only with power, cpu, memory and video. See if the motherboard posts. If it doesn't post, it or the CPU is defective
  3. gimpc

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    I took the motherboard back to the store and they managed to get a display up, and convinced me that the turning on and off (aka double booting) is not uncommon. When i returned home and tried again to get it to work, it still did not display anything. I made sure to use a working video card from my current desktop, so i know that is not the problem. The only 2 variables between the store's setup and mine are the video card brand (he used an ati and i have nvidia) and the memory module (I know for a fact at the moment that the power supply is fine). Apparently many people have had similar problems with this board, and it was found to be a memory problem. Apparently the board does not take too kindly to high voltage ram (everyone finally got it to work with bargain 1.8v ram). You can apparently change the voltage settings in the bios after you boot with the bargain ram, and then use performance modules.

    I did not purchase the bargain ram to test this theory, however, there does not seem to be another possible answer since the guy at the store got it to work. I've obtained another motherboard to use instead, its better for OCing anyway :)

    Thanks for your reply, Tmagic650
  4. jantoniuk

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    Wow, me too

    I can't beleive I found somebody that experienced the exact same issue. I just installed an Abit IP35-E. The power comes on, system appears to boot, but no video. The power then turns off, then back on automatically, still no video. I think I'll just take it back for another board. :( What a waste of time.
  5. technicalfury42

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    I understand you've figured it out, but thought I'd clarify a few things:

    Regarding the connectors, that has nothing doing with your PSUs 12v rails.

    If the DVD drive hasn't got power, it doesn't matter if you leave it connected via the IDE cable.

    You cannot plug the power switch cable in backwards, since there is no polarity in the plug. It is just a piece of conductive metal within a plastic housing that causes the two pins to short. You can just as easily start the computer with a paper clip or car key by touching it to the same pins the switch cable connects to.
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