NO Computer Ports Working

By crackersntea
Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Ok, I just bought a new desktop computer: Compaq Presario CQ5700F.

    When I bought it , it was on display and on and working, at a local pawn shop. I tried it out and was checking out some of the features and I bought it. (Didnt get the warranty) :(

    I get home and plug that bad boy in along with the AOC f22 monitor that came with it along with keyboard and mouse. Computer turns on and I get no signal on monitor. The computer has both a DVI & VGA port, tried both, still no signal.

    OK, here's what I know from trial and error:
    1) The monitor is fully functional and NOT the problem.
    2) My DVI & VGA connectors are fully functional and NOT the problem.

    When I turn on the computer, the power button lights up just fine, both fans are spinning inside the comp and sound fine BUT, when I plug any keyboard or any mouse into ANY usb port they do not work. I know they do not work because when I tap caps lock or num lock on keyboard , the lights should turn on/off. And when I plug in mouse the laser doesnt shine red. So I know its the computer thats the prob.

    So ive come to the conclusion that none of the ports , both usb and vga/dvi arent working for some freaking reason and I need to fix it and I need help..... So someone help. This is frustrating I've had this computer for less than 24 hrs and already broke and I cant return it. Sigh. HELP.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Pull the CMOS battery off the motherboard and wait a minute or two an re-install it... It may be dead

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