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No connection to the internet is currently available

By rross48
Jun 19, 2007
  1. Hey all...
    My other computer has no connection to the internet at all!

    However i have recently been gettin annoyed by a popup msg that keeps appearing saying "No connection to the internet is currently available..." etc then asking if i want to work offline or try again

    Now i dont understand.. wat is trying 2 connect to the internet??? and how do i stop it from asking? unless its a seperate program from explorer.exe

    I hav recently bought a Bluetooth dongle... which uses a stack program to keep it working.. i aslo installed Nokia PC suite around the same time.. could it be one of these programs doing this? or could it be something withing windows???

    Any insight would b greatly appreciated!
  2. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Posts: 394   +15

    Any number of "legitimate" programs could be at fault, or... worse case... you have a virus that is trying to email out your personal info. But 90% of the time, the cause is benign.

    I've found the most common culprit is anti-virus software trying to update itself. After that, any software you might of installed with an "auto-update" feature may be the cause.

    Whatever it is, it MUST be a *running* at the time that is trying to connect, which makes it easier to track down. That means either it is a background process or loaded into your Tray. If after going through all your Startup and Tray applications and searching their options for something like an "auto update" that you can switch off, if you find nothing, you may need to bring out the "big guns" (I hesitate to mention these programs without knowing your skill level).

    Just go through every Startup and Tray app, see if there is anything that is trying to connect, and disable the option. If you have no luck, let us know.
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    iTunes, System Update, Java, your AV program -- ALL attempt to get updates.

    If you get a copy of Hijackthis and run it, there's a log file that tells you programs
    that are running and autostarted at boot time. Follow-up and upload the logfile
    and we can tell you which programs need configuratin option changes.
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