No driver for my multimedia video controller

By demonz1
Jan 7, 2011
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  1. Hi all, i'm new to this site, i had a read through to see if i could find any solutions to my problems but i couldn't find any.
    SO my problem is that a few of my games crash. I believe it is my multimedia video controller. I don't have a driver installed for it. I updated my video card driver and that didn't help. i tried 'Unknown device Identifier' but when i clicked on 'find driver' it turned up a blank screen.
  2. mike1959

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    If you have a 'Well known' pc, with the parts it was built with new, you might get the driver form the makers site, eg HP or Dell. If It is a home built pc or has been modified, then you can find out the name and version of a missing driver by downloading the free version of a program at; Install it and scan your pc. Look at the list, green is 'ok', red is 'missing'. You can download and install the drivers from there, BUT it will be slow. So, write down the information, the go over to the makers site, enter the driver details there, and download. If it's video playback that is a problem or fails, then install this,

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