No Joy N440BX? Wont POST

By salviablue
Sep 14, 2006
    I recently got an N440BX mobo to use as a network server with 2x PII Procs 400mhz.
    The board and procs are supposedly OK.
    I cant get this board to POST.
    I had a 128 ecc sdram in dimm 1 whichi know is good, known working monitor, PSU, keyboard and mouse plugged in.
    There is only one power supply on the PSU (ATX), i.e. does this board need to have the "MAIN POWER" and/or "AUX POWER" plugged in aswell?
    I Have the manual and have set the jumpers correctly(?).
    [Put a new CMOS battery in.
    I aslo have connected a known working HDD.
    There is nothing in the "front panel" connections but have a PWR SW, PW LED and SPKR plugged in.
    I have also tried this boards in and out of a case w/same results

    This is what happens:

    1. Switch on PSU

    2. HDD LED, PWR LED and fans come on for a second. PSKR sounds for half a second.

    3. Nothing until i press the power button in which case restart from point 2!?

    Is the mobo dead or are the cpu`s mismatched or dead or have i not plugged something in i should have?

    The CPU`s:

    Any help would be just spiffing!
  1. Tedster

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  2. salviablue

    salviablue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    still no POST

    I had already tried most things in that link, but thanks anyway.

    I suppose what i am really after is someone with knowledge of this particular mother board.
    When i bought the board the procs where already in and all was supposed to be tested and running fine.
    The RAM is good, according to a mem test prog of an austrumi boot disk, and according to sandra is ECC.
    I actually built the board up the other way around, starting with just PSU, pwr sw, pwr led spkr and cpu`s.
    No joy, added mem.
    No joy, added monitor.
    No joy, added mouse + Kboard.
    No Joy, added HDD.
    Each time same thing (flicker of fans and pwr led and no POST)
    Everything I know is good (except for mobo and cpu`s which are supposed to be good)
    What i cant find out anywhere is whether this mobo needs more than just ATX power plugged in?? The board has sockets for ATX POWER, MAIN POWER and AUX POWER.

  3. Tedster

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    I would say you either have a motherboard issue or a PSU issue. Get a PSU tester for about $12.
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