No Man's Sky adds living spaceships in latest update

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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These new biological ships can’t be upgraded by conventional means, Hello Games said. Instead, the dozens of procedurally-generated variants feature a “customized, evolved loadout” crafted from attributes like “Pulsing Heart” and “Grafted Eyes,” just to name a few.

We’re told that gamers will need to adjust their playstyle to match the restrictions and benefits of these organic technologies. You’ll also need to cope with an “organic” cockpit complete with vein-covered tendrils, the full extent of which can be viewed in 360 degrees via VR.

There’s also a new series of missions, collectively called Starbirth, which tells the story of the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the creation of these sentient ships.

Those interested in incubating, growing and ultimately flying their own starships are encouraged to visit the Space Anomaly and “follow the call of the Void Egg.”

The update also bakes in several new optimizations for improved gameplay and addresses an extensive list of bug fixes. Other quality of life enhancements focus on improvements to the UI, camera and navigation.

The full changelog can be viewed over on the No Man’s Sky website.

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