'No Man's Sky' developer Hello Games breaks radio silence, announces Foundation Update



I am sure that I will be flamed for this comment - so flame on, however, I think Star Citizen has done a much better job of releases than what this sounds like. At least SC is NOW telling people what to expect and when, and with previous releases, let it be well known that what was released was nowhere near the final version.
So they've gone from "soon" to "sooner"?


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I would disagree. You must have no interest in the game to begin with, if that is the case.

I would come back to this game if they made some big overhaul changes. Please note the keywords I used and base your reply on that if you must. lol
There was only one keyword in your comment - "I"


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I would rather have had interaction with the cargo ships and been able to build one of those at a ship building station where you go out mining for the resources to build it and power it and then it follows you round the universe