No Man's Sky recording fewer than 1000 concurrent players on Steam


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Hello Games will be lucky to avoid a class action lawsuit against them. That's probably why Murray shut up. He doesn't want more incriminating evidence against him.

Don't be shocked if this game receives minimal updates (if any).


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1000 still playing, that seems high to me. I think maybe there are one too many zeros on that stat. Heh
I have to ideas that will help the game No Man's Sky. The first idea involves the player having to build a sub-space radio and then a universal translator. When the player has these two items built they will receive missions from one of the alien factions who are controlling the system that you are currently in. These missions would include saving freighters from enemy pirates or simple fetch quests where the players would be rewarded with uncommon and rare technology.

The second idea I have is a self replicating AI enemy who main goal is to stripe mine the planets of all their resources. The more resources that this AI enemy gathers, the more powerful they become. Eventually if this AI enemy get too powerful they will be able to build ships that are capable to destroy entire planets, like the death star.

New Enemy ships should include:

Mining Drone: These robotic ships are capable of gathering resources on any planet, players destroy them immediately.

Attack Troops: These ground troops will attack you on sight with their laser assault rifles when the catch you exploring the planets surface.

Attack Ships: These ships will aggressively attack you whenever you enter a star system that they control.

Destroyers: These massive ships can easily dominate the battle field with various hi-tech weaponry.

Warp Gates: These interstellar gates lead back to the enemy alien home world. The destroyers deploy these gates in star systems that they wish to exploit for precious resources.

Planet Destroyers: These enormous ships drains planets of all their resources with a powerful ray of energy, once the planet loses two thirds of its resources, it self destructs in a massive explosion, and it is destroyed. Only a specialized ship that is carrying quantum torpedoes is capable of destroying a Planet Destroyer.

I hope that you like my ideas, please leave a comment....
Not really a game. Lacks story. It is an activity. Hope they can make it a game.

A story and a game are two different things. NMS is a flop because its gameplay/activity loop is terribly boring.

Imagine playing Monopoly, but instead of using dice everyone just moves up a space every turn.

The moment you mentioned Monopoly I fell asleep.

Monopoly is a great game, it is thrilling! Im buying ten copies of no mans sky NOW.