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By seal319
Dec 26, 2005
  1. I was trying to do a clean blow off of my harddrive and Put in a fresh install of windows on my comp. My attempts have been hampered by not having my mouse or KB load up when i run off of a bootdisk so i can fdisk my hard drive and try to add some desired partitions.

    I Currently use 2 USB ports for my mouse and KB which i am suspecting is my problem, the reason why i am not using the PS2 Ports on my computer is because they seem to no longer recognize my KB or mouse on boot up "I am assuming the solder has broken within the housing of the port as they are a bit loose"

    When I place my restore CD in i cannot tell it to go ahead and install because its not recognizing my KB or mouse through the USB ports and as stated above my PS2 ports are shot however if i let the computer run ahead and boot up to windows after windows has loaded the KB and mouse are recognized.

    I am using Windows ME and am in a bit of a pickle when it comes to doing anything to innitialize a new system install due to having no access to my KB or mouse is there anything i can do maybe in BIOS or anything to make the system or MotherBoard recognize USB hardware?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Some bios's need usb keyboard/mouse support enabled, like in this pic.
    (click for larger view).
  3. seal319

    seal319 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem fixed!

    Thank you very much for the input, it took a whole 30 seconds to fix something I was a little leary to go snooping around in. The way the BIOS was setup was to allow the "OS" to recognize the KB and Mouse as Opposed to the "BIOS" recognizing them on boot, I'm assuming this is to save time on startup, either way the problem is gone now and have KB and Mouse access when running off of a bootable CD or floppy.

    A special thanks for the photo theres nothing like seeing it for yourself and definatley helped speed up the process, many regards to you Ultra.
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