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No output to monitor

By shahussein ยท 5 replies
Jan 18, 2006
  1. I have a computer with ASUS P4T533-C motherboard. I recently connected the VGA output (from a Winfast A310 Graphic Card) to DVI input of my TV. It did not work, but when I reconnected to my monitor I find that there is no output to the monitor. The power to the computer is on, the fan works, but it does not boot in the usual way and the monitor stays off.

    I don't know what has gone wrong. Perhaps connecting the VGA to the DVI has damaged my BIOS?!

    Can anybody help me please?
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    Try A different monitor. Its always a dangerous op connecting to tv. when it failed you should have powered off the computer by pressing power button to initiate shutdown. (not holding button for 5 seconds) then when you power it back on use safemode/vga mode to reset default monitor config.

    sounds to me like it has distroyed your monitor.
    when you reboot if the HDD led activity is normal, then it is still likely that your Mainboard is still OK, try a different graphics card or use onboard if your Mainboard has one. if all fails then all you can do is to reset your Cmos and try a different processor. if that does'nt work then your Mainboard and possibly processor has had it. Hope this is helpful.
  3. WendyD

    WendyD TS Rookie

    If you have a different/new graphic card installed perhaps you can try connecting the monitor to a different port. Same thing happened to me and the graphics card installed separately used a different port.
  4. eldtalk

    eldtalk TS Rookie

    Same Ship that set sail

    I too have a P4T533-c that is dead in the water. I have tried everything I could think of. I have called ASUS and racked their brain they couldn't figure it out either. It just won't complete a POST.

    I feel it has got to be a board issue, ASUS suggested I could mail the board to them and if they could "try" to fix it it (around $60) but there is a chance they couldn't fix it. HMMM sounds like a lot of downtime. I found one other guy online who claims is model of board is known for problems but really I haven't found many postings online claiming this is a known defective product.

    Here are things I've tried in an unordered list:

    I pulled out everything except the CPU, memory and graphics card (barebones)
    -Didn't help

    I changed graphics cards
    -Didn't help

    I changed power supplies
    -Didn't help

    I reset the CMOS
    -Didn't help

    I pulled out motherboard and set it on a box and tried booting it
    -Didn't help

    I changed CPUs
    -Didn't help

    I removed the CPU
    -I got an error NO CPU HURRAY! It did something different

    I removed the memory
    -Didn't help

    I jumped up and down turned around three times and recited the Star Spangle Banner backwards.
    -Didn't help (just kidding)
  5. digibot

    digibot TS Rookie

    Wat's up with these asus boards

    I have a similar problem, I bought new p4v8x motherboard.

    onboard vga doesn't work, tried above as well.

    Funny thing is that connecting to my other PC there's input to the monitor so it also rules out faulty monitor.

    Any suggestions?
  6. eldtalk

    eldtalk TS Rookie

    hmm NEW with problems

    If it is a NEW build with problems I would:

    1.) Unplug EVERYTHING (strip this puppy down let's find the root)
    2.) Insert the CPU
    3.) Plug in the memory
    4.) Plug in the Power supply to the motherboard
    5.) Plug in the monitor into the on-board video card
    6.) Turn on the monitor
    7.) Turn on the computer

    What happens? Does the BIOS display info on the screen? Is there a beep code? Is the Green light on the motherboard light up?


    1.) Unplug everything AGAIN
    2.) Plug in the power to the motherboard
    3.) Turn on
    4.) Is there a beep code letting you know the CPU is missing? (you many need to plug speakers into the sound card. If NO BEEP code check the voltage coming out of the power supply with a volt meter...make sure that orange wire going into the motherboard is giving about 12volts...

    1.)Turn off the machine
    2.)Plug in one device
    3.)Turn it back on, if it still works repeat step 1 & 2 until you find the device giving problems. (watch those IDE devices and what is master/slave settings are because they trip a lot of people.)

    There are a lot of things to look at to try to track down the problem but start SIMPLE and work you way UP.

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