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By TheSnowman
Dec 19, 2007
  1. System Not Booting, No signal to Monitor

    I am building a new system. My first one I have tried built from scratch but I have replaced the majority of the components in every computer I have had up to this point (cpu's, mother boards, vide and audio cards, etc.) and I felt confident in my abilities to build a system from scratch.

    I did my research prior to ordering as far as what motherboards require, what cpu's, ram, video cards they accept and support, etc. I received everything and I went through step by step in building the system (system in my profile is correct).

    Powered on for the first time and one long solid high pitched beep. After a quick look, had the 20/24 pin power connector plugged into the mothe board but not the 8 pin power connector. Shut system down and restarted. System powered up (no beeps) everything is running as far as fans go, dvd trays open so power is going to the system. But no signal to the monitor. Double checked all connections, etc. still nothing.

    Went through the troubleshooting PDF that was provided by the motherboard manufacturer. Step by step:
    -removed cmos battery, cleared cmos and restarted, same problem: power, no beeps no signal to monitor;
    -unplugged all but motherboard, cpu and video card and powered up, same problem: power no beeps and no signal;
    -verified video card was seated properly;
    -Checked that RAM was mounted in correct slots;
    -Removed video card, no error beeps and no boot.

    Went through complete troubleshooting guide and no luck, same issue. Sent request to custoner support and they suggested swapping out components with other components from a working system. I was able to do that with Power supply and the RAM, still sames issue; power up, everything running and no signal.

    MSi who made the motherboard has and add in for boot up diagnostics, it is called the Bracket D2 connector. it has 2 USB ports and a set of 4 LED lights. Once this is plugged into the appropriate place on the mother board the sequence of LED lights will diagnose any boot up issues. In my case not one LED even lit, it just sits there.

    I am thinking a bad motherboard, especially with their diagnostic tool registering anything, but want to get thoughts from more experienced system builders. Also need advise what to try next?
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