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By monstermonroe
Dec 28, 2017
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  1. After disabling graphics on mb in device manager my screen had gone blank and now can’t see anything to fix or get to bios, any help much appreciated. Steve
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    For starters system specs would help out, that includes your gpu or onboard gpu card, monitor name and model number.
  4. If you had factory recovery discs you could try using them.
    They SHOULD over-ride any changes you made & restore to original factory specs.
    Mine did.>Gateway $20.
    If available they would be cheaper than going to a computer repair shop.
    Unless someone has a better idea, try unplugging the monitor.
    Shut down computer.
    Unplug it & press Power button to discharge capacitors.
    Start it up.
    Reattach monitor.
    It MAY try to reinstall graphics things.
    It's worth a try.
    It won't hurt. :)
    And you will learn in the process. :)

    EDIT--- In the future make system images with something like Macrium Reflect.
    If you have no visuals even that wouldn't help. :(
    EDIT#2--- If your monitor connects via USB try another port upon reattaching.
    I pretty much know what I'm doing---


    I generally know what I'm doing. :)
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