No sound after reinstalling XP

By ljwalsh
Mar 2, 2009
  1. Hi-
    I reinstalled XP 5.5 sp3 to my dell Inspiron 9400. After reinstalling all the drivers( from dell). I still have no sound.I've gone to system info. components, problem devices, error core this whats stated:

    base system device pci/ ven_ 1180 & dev_0843 &subsy.... The drive for this device is not installed three times on the fourth line is

    PCI device PCI/ven 8086& DEV_ 27D8Subsys error 39.I'm at a lost as to why, how this came about.I suspect its has to do with the Magic jack I have? Any help is appreciated.
    lj Walsh
  2. fimbles

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    You need to download and install a driver for your sound card.

    Go to control panel /classic view /system/ hit the hardware tab and go to device manager.

    This will bring up a list of all hardware in your pc.

    Go to "sound video and game controllers" and see if any of the things in the list has a yellow question mark next to it.......... Or sounds like a brand of soundcard. If it does (or you know which one it is ) you can right click on it.. select properties, Hit the driver tab and update driver.

    If the auto update does not work, take a note of the name of your soundcard and google for drivers..

    Eg: "soundmax intergrated audio drivers"

    Hope this helps!
  3. raybay

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    When you go to the Dell site and select support, you can type in your service tag number of your Inspiron 9400. That will enable you to go to the left hand column to examine the record of your configuration on the day it was built.
    There are only three downloads for audio for the Inspiron 9400 and only two of them are drivers: Creative Labs and Sigmatel... along with an administrative file for Creative labs.
    If you install one and it turns out to be the incorrect one, you can install the other. One of the two will get you up and running again.
    Also, you can check your device manager (Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager) and look at the audio devices to see what Windows thinks is installed. You can usually see red or yellow flags on the left hand side if the sound device driver is not installed, or installed improperly.
  4. LookinAround

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    next time you report Problem Devices is really helpful to report those entire long strings that appear. If you simply click on one you can then rt click Select All, Copy then paste into a post

    but based on what i see. you should start at the Dell driver installs and reinstall both chipset drivers (Intel and Richoh) for your computer

    The device error code 39 error is for your sound card.
    => This MIGHT clear up after you reinstall the chipset drivers
    => As i'm not sure of all your pci device strings you should double check the Microsoft High-Def UAA bus driver is installed correctly (it may have a somewhat different name)
    =>==>Open Device Manager, click View->Device by Connection.
    ====> Expand Advanced Config and Power Interface (ACPI)->Microsoft ACPI Compliant->PCI bus then look through the devices listed

    [post=695314]You can also click here to go to a different post[/post] and then view its attachment to see what you should be looking for (look toward bottom of device list in attachment. Might be different ordering of pci devices in your case)
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