No sound at all from XFX HD 5770

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Oct 8, 2010
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  1. Hi all. Im not getting any sound at all from my hd5770 gc using its HDMI output into my tv! The analoge output in rear of pc works through speakers or headphones but no sound from HDMI ?? I ve checked all the basic stuff on my tv and pc and used troubleshooting but cant find anything wrong. My brother has a laptop with an HDMI output which we use with the tv without any problems so its something to do with my pc! Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. megabomination

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    Sorry i think i fixed it lol sigh
  3. LookinAround

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    Good job!!!

    Now, share the solution you found?
  4. megabomination

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    When i did basic troubleshooting in 'sounds & audio devices'>audio tab>soundplayback>default device. There was only one option(realteck onboard) I thought i would try checking for drivers on AMD website and found a newer display driver AND an Audio driver ! I installed these, restarted pc and then found a second option under ' sound playback>default device' being 'ATI HD rear audio output. I enabled this, disabled the onboard sound and guess what?.....SOUND!
    Ive noticed some MS XP sounds arent working properly? Should i disable onboard sound in BIOS as well?
  5. LookinAround

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    I think i've been down this very same path before when I bought an ATI XFX Radeon HD5450 card!!!

    • As to your first problem with drivers, YES! Exactly! Look at my Windows Audio Troubleshooting Guide here and scroll down to see my example in Footnote #4 in that post. You needed the driver before that device would appear. Now you have it set for playback
    • AND i too, also seemed to notice I had problems not hearing many Windows system sounds when sound playback was on the ATI card!

    Re: System sound problems with ATI

    I found it rather strange. It took me a good bit of troubleshooting but here's what i discovered (at least in my case)
    1. The problem wasn't really the System Sounds. Rather, i found the first 1/2 second or so playback of sound was being lost! Period!
    > System sounds tend to be short. So.. one's first impression is it's only systems sounds just because you don't hear those short sounds, do you? But, I'll bet you can hear longer playing systems sounds (like Windows startup and shutdown sound?)
    > I created a test file where i merged system system sounds to prove it was just the start of the sound that was getting lost. I'll think i still have it. Will look and post back

    But the other part of this bizarre problem, was (in my case) it was the specific combination of the ATI card with my specific Samsung monitor over HDMI that was failing
    > The ATI card worked with different monitors
    > My Samsung monitor also worked with another card I bought and tried out
    > It was the specific combination of specifc monitor plus ATI card that had the problem
    as i replaced my monitor with a different one (same exact model) and all works fine now :confused:

    I'll post back when i can find that System sound test file i created. You should try it as well. AND look at my Footnote #3 in my Troubleshooting Guide to test your system sounds. Does the problem only seem to happen on short playing sytem sounds??? (you can switch default playback device to hear sounds, if need be)
  6. LookinAround

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    Found the test file I had created for this problem!

    Click to download
    > Unpack and place test.wav on your Desktop
    > You should be able to double click and play the WAV file in a media player

    Test.wav contains 4 different Windows system sounds you should hear in this order
    Ding -> TaDa -> Ding -> Tada

    Try playing it back using your different playback devices
    > (Before switching plaback device you should first close any open media players)

    I'm guessing when you playback over ATI XFX card using HDMI cable you'll miss hearing the sound at start of my test file?
  7. megabomination

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  8. megabomination

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    Sorry that didnt work! But yes you right! And guess what tv i own? A samsung Series seven 40" LCD. I'll investigate further tomorrow. Thanks.

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