No sound problem

By hissy
Jan 6, 2008
  1. Hi there to you all.

    Well obviously im having a problem with my sound. A couple of weeks ago I was messing around with a registry cleaner, and it identified some 'problems' in my registry. I told it to fix them, and all of the sudden I have no sound....great. I did a system restore and that fixed the problem. Stupidly, a couple of days ago I downloaded another registry editor and am now having the same problem. Sadly system restore didnt fix the problem this time.

    Im using the onboard sound card that came with my Gigabyte motherboard, model M61P-S3.

    I've tried the AC97 drivers, and that was way off. Ends up that what I need is the HD audio drivers. Tried that from about literally 15 different sources to no avail. Tried downloading exactly whats on my motherboard page on the Gigabyte page to no avail.

    Device manager seems to have stopped working, too. It displays absolutely nothing. Under volume controls it says that no audio devices are detected.

    Oh im also running X64 windows, which most likely complicates the problem...

    Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone.
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