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By TrapperRoss
Jan 21, 2007
  1. Help! This is the strangest thing. I got a virus a couple of days ago and had to restore my system. After the system restore I did not get any sound. I figured the hardware just crapped out and it was simply a coincidence. I bought a Creative Blaster Audigy card and installed it along with a new Klipsch speaker system. All of the install seemed to go just fine (Windows recognized the new hardware on the first boot). The Blaster card shows up in my list of audio devices as enabled, but I cannot get it to work. When I do a troubleshoot it says the card is working properly. On the Sounds and Audio Devices form it shows all of the options as greyed out (playback device, mixer device, etc.) On the device driver page it says that the driver is present but not functioning properly. I cannot play system sounds either. How can I fix this?
  2. ecc83

    ecc83 TS Rookie

    I am sure some top notch guys will be on this but, from bitter past exp..
    This can do little harm: pull out SoB (sorry! SB ) card. In Devices and every where you can find (NOT registry) uninstal all references to sound devices, assuming you have the means to reinstall. Reboot, shutdown, plug in SB, follow instructions. This CAN do harm: look in BIOS for sound turned off but take care!
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    SB = sound board? (card)
  4. Tmagic650

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    SB is Sound Blaster... or this is your sound card that is not working
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