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By waiuklakeside
Jun 21, 2016
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  1. I have a very old G4 Mac which was going perfectly well up until about a year ago until my bf took the cable and left it somewhere.

    I needed to get into my MAC to get some old photos out that I need for my new website.

    So, I have all the original cables and a Phillips 90S monitor... he bought the cable from PB Tech in NZ last week but it isn't working. The computer turns on but the monitor is reading (and it's black background) No Video Input?

    Is this because of the cable he's using and does it have to be mac specific?

    Or is it my video card? Sorry, I cannot get to the screen to go into my preferences as nothing is working on the screen... keyboard and mouse are all good.

    Okay, it's a very old and slow mac but the last time I used it. I copied some files over and put onto a hard drive but now I can't find them anywhere and so my MAC I need to get into to see if they're still there and can't do that without a monitor going? I don't have any other monitors for my Mac, just a Phllips 190B monitor. Just check the monitor before I wrote this model number for the Phillips VGA monitor. Please help. The G4 is a tower based hardware and yes it's old and slow but it worked this time last year when I did the file copies onto a T stick...
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Remove and reconnect both ends of VGA cable, tighten thumbscrews and try again. Try suspect monitor & cable on another computer. Try known good monitor & vga cable on old MAC.

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