No boots straight to bios.....

By bradatz
Mar 6, 2006
  1. About a week ago my computers video wouldn't work and about an hour later it started working again and I had no problems for a few days.

    Then my video went completely out with no return...I switched monitors to see if it was a bad connection in the monitor(its about 3 years old) but the brand new monitor still didn't work so I bought a g-force 5500 graphics card I plugged it in to the pci port and started the computer, the computer booted straight to bios. I thought maybe it was doing this because the computers onboard video was still enabled and wasn't sure if that would affect it. So I removed the card and tried booting and then installing the card to see if I could get it to load and then just plug and play the video card. After the the graphics card wouldn't work so I unplugged it and just for kicks plugged it into onboard graphics and it works but still booted straight to bios. No settings on bios have been changed and when I exit bios it says "turn off power and reinstall the jumper in normal mode position"

    Any ideas?
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