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By hermiz
Feb 12, 2007
  1. Hi, Im just looking for some help with a problem with my computer.
    Basically, I installed a new Thermaltake Heatsink for my computer on my Intel D945GTP Motherboard and following the install, I have no video signal coming from my monitor. I've tried The old heat-sink, and checked all the power connections. The computer is booting up fine, but there are no beeps occuring and the only problem is NO VIDEO, any suggestions?
  2. Rick

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    If there's no POST beep, your computer is not booting up fine. Booting implies it is actually POSTs, attempts to boot to your hard drive, loads Windows etc...

    You may want to try to clear your CMOS using the 'clear CMOS' jumper or removing the RTC battery (lithium coin cell) located on the board. This will clear your BIOS configuration and might jump start your system again.

    Other than that, the best you can do remove and reinstall your hardware a piece at a time and see if it works. If you've accidentally bumped your memory, video card, PCI cards etc.. They may need to be reseated. If finally you have absolutely no luck, I've found it useful in the past to do a complete system rebuild for situations like this. Taking everything apart and starting from scratch really helps the troubleshooting process.
  3. hermiz

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    Heres what I've done so far: I have: Tried a new video cable, new monitor, new cable / monitor, I've re-installed my old-video card, and my old heatsink, nothing. Still no video.
  4. ambivolent

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    something similar to this has happened to me before,but i waited about 20 mins with no power to the board and the lithium battery out and it started up no problem and monitor working
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