no video source detected (Dazzle DVC II PCI card )

By gowthamsekar
Apr 18, 2007
  1. Dears,

    I have been using Dazzle DVC II PCI card with Moviestar 4.24 for the last two and a half years and it has been working quite well. But recently when I attempted to capture video from my VCR, Moviestar gave me the error message "no video source detected". However, I could hear the audio well. I checked all settings and they were all correct: the settings in Moviestar were correct; the break-out unit and the audio-video cables were all connected firmly. Then I tested the VCR connecting it to a TV and it also was working fine.

    So I ran the Moviestar Setup Wizard. It gave the following error message: "The Setup Wizard was unable to detect your Dazzle Moviestar hardware for the following reason: Property VideoFormat: 69 is out of range".
    I followed the guidelines in the Setup Wizard but it was of no use.

    Then I tried the following as different solution methods

    1.Uninstalled Moviestar and reinstalled it.
    2.Uninstalled Dazzle DVC II PCI card and reinstalled it.
    3.Tried placing the card into another PCI slot.

    But each of these failed to solve the problem.
    Details about my system are as follows:

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
    Processor: Due Core2
    Mother Board: Intel D965RY
    Memory:1GB DDR2/533

    Please help the solution for my problem.

    Yours truly ,

  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    We have seen a lot of mysterious early failures with Dazzle equipment that utilized USB connections. That equipment is at the bottom of the price range, so it might be time to get the latest top brand as a replacement.
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