No videos will play on my computer, but why?

By Mr. Alvarez ยท 9 replies
Jun 27, 2008
  1. Okay, just Yesterday, I was deleting/uninstalling some stuff just to make some more room on my computer, and i think I mite Have deleted something to do with the videos on my computer. I've listened to most websites saying that I need to uninstall/reinstall The adobe flash player 9, so I think I did, and it still won't play any videos, i think if nothing works, i'm going to have to reboot my computer. Please help before that results. Here, I'll give some examples of what I mean... After I accidentily uninstalled something, I went to YouTube, just to watch a video, I clicked on the Video, and where the video box is supposed to be, there is just the title, and no video box. It does this with any webpage that hosts videos that I go on. EXAMPLE#2: I went to Google to type in a picture to look at under Google Images. When I search for a picture (for example, "tigers"), It just says results for search "tigers", and it shows the page numbers, but any page I click on, there are no Images. I still think it has something to do with the flash player or media player, but I'm not sure. NOT EVEN THE LITTLE BUTTONS ON THE TOP OF THE MESSAGE BOX WILL WORK WHEN I TIED TO INSERT A SMILY =( RAAAWR!!!! When I Go to Download Adobe Flash Player , It just says "When you see the installation completion movie above and text below, your installation was successful. The installation should only take a minute or two on a 56k modem." But it never shows whatever its supposed to show. I waited about fifteen minutes to see if it was just maybe running slow...Nothing. When I tryed to install the latest version of adobe reader, it doesn't even show the Download button, but it says "By clicking the Download button you agree to the License Agreements and Privacy Policies for the software included." OMG! IM FRICKEN PISSED OFF!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Download and install Shockwave, Flash player and Quicktime and Java
  3. Mr. Alvarez

    Mr. Alvarez TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Could you post the websites to get these downloads from please?
  4. Dicee

    Dicee TS Rookie Posts: 36

  5. Tmagic650

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    Thanks Dicee,
    I guess Mr. Alvarez doesn't know how to Google :rolleyes:
  6. Dicee

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    You're more than welcome.

  7. Mr. Alvarez

    Mr. Alvarez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problems Downloading any of them

    I Can't download any of them! Rather the button won't show up or it never does whatever it's supposed to do when I click the button... It just sits there. What am i supposed to do now?
  8. Dicee

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    surely Java works.. java is the main one

    with java comes most things ok well

    on IE Go to <tools> <internet Options>

    the go to TAB <Advanced>

    Make sure under <Java (Sun)> make sure "Use JRE ......." Is Checked and make sure under <Security> make sure "SSL 3.0" is checked and make sure "TLS 1.0" is checked

    then tell me if it workds or not..
  9. Mr. Alvarez

    Mr. Alvarez TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Okay, Java is checked, but when you where talking about The stuff under The Security tab, I'm not Quite sure how to make sure that stuff is checked. after I Install Java, Do I need to restart my computer?
  10. Dicee

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    then try and install the others

    coz the others need java i think to install from there page...

    im of to bed now so i wont reply till morning.. i live in england and its 4.12AM

    Night Night sorry x

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