No way of installing operating system on notebook

I'm officially out of ideas and I'm hoping you kind folk here could help me out. I have a Hp 2140 notebook whose hard disc I formatted while transfering data from it to my computer (so I could do a fresh OS). When I returned the hard disc into the notebook I found that I could not install Windows 7 by any medium. I tried plugging in an external DVD reader and installing windows 7 like I did the first time on this notebook, but it would not read from the device. BIOS recognises it only as USB LEGACY SUPPORT. When I tried installing windows 7 from an USB, like I did many times on my computer, the screen would freeze when I pressed any key to boot from USB. I tried changing USB ports for the devices I used, it did not help and I tried changing USB memory sticks from which I booted but alas no success. I don't know if there is a way of transfering the files from the dvd onto the hard disc, make it bootable somehow, and then install the OS on the hard drive (the same one). I also tried installing other OS using the same methods (Windows 8 and XP) but have had the same problems. P.S. I haven't tried preinstalling a system on the hard drive on another computer and then inserting the HD into the notebook, hoping it would boot. I tried that once on a comuter and have had no success. Please do help, cheers :)


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Have you tried installing windows OS under AHCI mode vs E-IDE mode?
this setting is found on desktop mobo BIOSes and on the only laptop I owned (acer 1.7ghz core 2 duo)

these methods can be used to install windows OS (vista/7/8.x)
1. bootable usb flash drive
2. bootable DVD installer
3. bootable CD formatting utility from hard disk drive manufacturer (I.e. Seagate discwizard for windows v16005840) to prepare/initialize/reformat a hard disk drive; afterwards, you can use your bootable cd/dvd OS installer.

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