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Nokia N900: Maemo vs. Android - what makes Maemo a winner?

By fairytale00
Jan 6, 2010
  1. Because many people have suggested that my prejudice against Maemo isn't backed by facts, I would like to ask people who are more intimate with Maemo to share what makes Maemo better than Android based on core functionality, development support, supported languages, interoperability between apps, the ability to change any element of the interface and the shell with another (like change the keyboard, the contact app, the camera app), syncing and cloud-computing etc.
    I found the Nokia N900 Unlocked Maemo only $479, I'm open to suggestions why I should like Maemo. Then i may get one.
  2. alice45

    alice45 TS Rookie


    I find this Nokia N900, it's fantastic. I know this is one of the popular phone. Nowadays cell phones have become the most popular means of communication. It has It has excellent features like text messaging, speakerphone, voice dialing, 262k color TFT display, Bluetooth, WAP browsing and many more. It is the best device for communication. Thanks for this nice forum.
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