Northbridge temp too high?


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I'm still relatively novice at building, O/Cing, etc. and would appreciate some sage advice.
Board is an MSI 790FX hosting a Phenom 2 550 @ 3.64 (235x15,5) 1.39V on stock air.
Everest Ultimate shows me idle temps as follows:
MB 33c
CPU 29c
GPU 35-37c (5770 vapour x)
Northbridge 63c

After OC I ran Prime 95 for 3 hours, system stayed stable but I wasn't monitoring temps.. yea rookie.

Is my idle Northbridge temp too high? It seems out of proportion to my other temps.
Or... is the Everest sensor accurate? The heatsink isn't overly hot to the touch.

Thanks in advance for any help with this


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If that was under full load then no its not too hot.* They are designed to run at those temps.
Is your x 2 550 a BE? and were you running the HT/NB oc'ed? I would watch the temps if you plan to push it higher. If it still bothers you, you can pick up a after-market NB cooler for $20 and keep it below 50C under load. Its within operating temps but personally I like to keep the NB to 50c or below, but thats just me. You might also try to get a few free degrees out of iy and replace the thermal compound on the NB HS. *****be very careful if you do, you are dealing with a very small chip and it takes very little compound to be effective******


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Hi Red, thanks for the response.
Nope, the multiplier is locked at 15.5
The only tinkering I did with o/c was setting the fsb to 235 and disabled AMD cool n quiet. The HT and NB voltages are set to automatic in the bios and I now notice Everest reporting NB core 1.22v up from stock voltage of 1.1

ps. the 63c NB temp is on system idle


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Those programs are notorious for not getting the voltages correct. Rely on the Bios reading for that . when you moved the "fsb" you oc'ed the nb/ht/cpu/memory...etc etc... so everything is now oc'ed unless you manually went back and backed off the cpu/nb multi and the HT multi, it is as well. 63c is not an unexpected temp for a oc'ed NB, but you could get a aftermarket HS or another fan on it to get it down further.

ps. the 63c NB temp is on system idle
then yes, thats a bit warm.

I have used this for OC'ed NB's and had great results

Took 18c off a hot running OC'ed DFI NB I had.

hope this was of some help :)