norton ghost/windows xp problem. plz help.

By moltenz
Feb 1, 2007
  1. Hi, I have searched the forums for a solution to my problem and didn't find it, so I have decided to make a thread.

    I bought a new 320gig IDE drive today and wanted to clone my windows partition on my 80gig drive onto it because the new drive is faster. So I installed Ghost 2003 and chose the clone option and picked the correct source and destination etc. Before this I formatted my new drive using disk management in my computer and it was assigned the drive letter of F. The clone worked perfectly and now I have two windows partitions the same

    The problem however, is that I cannot boot into windows with the new drive. I have ran recovery console from my winxp disc and run fixmbr and fixboot on the new drive, but this did not help. I also did the above with the old 80gig drive unplugged which also did not help. I have a feeling it is something to do with drive letters, but I have no idea how to fix the problem now. I have
    Any solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    The new drive is set to master and the old one to slave. I can boot to the old windows partition on the old drive if I pick the old drive in my boot menu.

  2. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    As a norton ghost user you really have me confused.

    first I know for a fact you cannot restore an image if the image is stored on the same drive, so for example you have 2 phsical drives

    80 gig and 320 gig, are either of these partitioned? the 80gig drive have C: D: etc? or is the 80gig drive only C: and your dvd, cd's D: E: and the new 320gig drive F: ?

    If this pc was purchased from a big box store they likley partitioned the drive for you and have the recovery partition on D: - but i don't know your current setup.

    when I create an 'image' and then restore, there is an option you must check, (make drive active for booting) if you did not select this this is your problem. but dont worry, you can fix it.

    As i don'[t know you Drive configuration this is all i can say, but I do know that you can have 2 operating systems, and one will boot even if it is calle F:

    -when i plug in my external drive this pc has 10 drives a: - K: (no B:) however i only have 2 physical hard drives. with daemon I had 12 lol.
  3. moltenz

    moltenz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    the computer was built by me a few years ago and has had heaps of upgrades. One drive failed so i was using my 80gig drive with a 25gig partition for windows, and another partition for data. i purchased a new drive (320gig ide) and CLONED (not created an image) the 80gig drive to the new faster 320gig drive so I could use it for windows instead of the older 80gig ide drive. I performed the ghost operation on the new drive while it had 1 single partition for the whole drive. Last night I tried setting the new drives system partition that had just had windows cloned to it to active using gparted, however this did not allow the machine to log into windows fully, and just stopped at the login screen with a message stating 'logging off' so i assumed it didn't work. gave up in the end and formatted the new drive and installed windows on it with the 80gig drive unplugged, and once I had windows up and running on the new drive, I plugged in the old drive and formatted the windows partition on it. I'm asssuming the problem was me not setting the active box before starting the clone job within ghost.
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