Norton Internet Security 2005 - Block Referrer - Need Help!!!!

By wjrogers
Jan 26, 2006
  1. Ok...I am going absolutely insane trying to get my computer to block the referrer on websites that I go to. I have been trying to get help from everywhere and nobody seems to know what I am talking about.

    Ok....I am a member of a site where I click on alot of links to new pages. I do not want any of my information to be sent to the new website. Mainly, I do not want the new website to know where I came from. I think the correct term that I want is to "block the referrer". I am on Norton Internet Security 2005 and it says that it already blocks the referrer. But it is not, because I can go to test pages and see where exactly I came from. I have went back to all the default setting and manually typed in that I want it to block information about previous websites and it is still not doing it. Does anyone have any suggestions? The previous version of NIS I used (2003) always had the referrer blocked and I could disable it to get to a site that had to have a referrer.
  2. vhunter

    vhunter TS Rookie Posts: 84

    The Proxomitron blocks referrers by default.
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