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Norton Internet Security 2005 problems?

By death · 90 replies
Nov 14, 2004
  1. :bounce: Hi;

    I just bought Norton Internet Security 2005 puke: and installed it successfully. I've had norton antivirus softwares before, but not Internet security software in particular. It is a great software as it blocks intrusion attacks and spams. However, I have a problem. Some of the sites I go on don't load when Norton Internet Security is on, but if I turn it off the sites work just fine. For example, suprnova site works fine, but just the "PC Games" link doesn't load when security is on. My question is how to configure norton personal firewall so I can access all the websites. and yes, the parental control feature is turned "off".

    Thank You guys. :unch:
  2. RichW

    RichW TS Rookie

    Norton Internet Security 2005 Problems

    I have purchased Norton Internet Security for the past 3-4 years. Each year, NIS causes conflicts with other programs, interferes with normal Outlook operations, and requires many hours with Technical Support, even though I'm a computer-savvy person. Version 2005 is the worst yet! I have followed all Tech Support instructions, down to the System Configuration Utility level, and nothing works at all. Outlook freezes and initializing the Spam filter for a given e-mail message takes 30 seconds or longer (all the while rendering Outlook unusable). I'm giving Technical Support one more shot ... and if they can't solve my issues, I'm cleaning Norton off my system and moving to McAfee or another firewall/spam/anti-virus product. I highly recommend that people should avoid purchasing Norton Internet Security 2005!
  3. lucutis

    lucutis TS Rookie

    Mcafee and nortons are both headaches so far the only program that has given me less problems then the 2 combined is panda titanium antivirus 2005 my suggestion is go out and try something new :) nortons was good at one time emphasis on the was...
  4. death

    death TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    I agree, Norton Internet security is problematic. Norton antivirus, which claims to be the best antivirus, misses trojan viruses and can't delete them. I have used norton for some time, but I am giving on norton products for good. I tried "Anti-Vir" antivirus and it is the good antivirus so far. It finds trojans and deletes them. I would recommend Anti-Vir (it is free). I have also tried "Panda Titanium antivirus", but didn't like it much. It has hard time finding trojans also. I don't know whether they have fixed this problem in 2005 as I used 2004 version. I think AVG is also good.

    "Thumb down for Norton Internet Security 2005"..................
  5. MaryGeesey

    MaryGeesey TS Rookie


    I will never by any Norton again. We had Norton Antivirus 2004 on windows 98 is messed it up bad. I should of learn but no I download Norton Antivirus 2005 trial to my XP. When I unstalled it it took alot of files I had to unstall the XP and reinstall it twice. If my XP don't run right this time I am going to have to have it fixed cause I don't know if Norton damage the hard drive. My husband has AVG on his XP it is free it seems to working fine.

    I will never use Norton Antivirus again. We download Norton Antivirus 2004 on windows 98 it messed it up bad. Did I learn.....no I download Norton Antivirus 2005 trial to my XP. When I unstalled it it took alot of files. I had to unstall my XP twice if it don't run right I am going to have to have it fixed I don't know if Norton damage my hard drive.........time will tell. My husband download AVG to his XP it seems to work all right and it is free.

  6. Larry George

    Larry George TS Rookie


    I am having the same problem that you described. Ever since I installed Norton Internet Security 2005, my Outlook stops sending and receiving mail at least twice a day. The only thing I can do to fix it is reboot. The thing that REALLY hacks me off is Norton wants $29.95 to call them on the problem that THEY caused. What a scam! I went in a disabled the Internet Security function of the program and my Outlook works fine.
  7. Montanapat

    Montanapat TS Rookie

    Partial Blocking on NIS2005

    I just installed NIS 2005 and can not access parts of some sites. If the words "javascript:Open Window" appear on the bottom information bar, it will not move to the next screen. (I discovered this on the bettycrocker website). I went to the catalog, and when I attempted to click on one of the items to bring up a larger picture, it won't go there). I have been able to get to the item to order it by googling it. I have enabled java applets, there are no parental controls on, etc. etc. Any ideas?
  8. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Other than the obvious (get rid of Norton for good), instead of Internet Explorer, try using Firefox from www.getfirefox.com.
    Also, some firewalls (like my Agnitum Outpost Pro 2.5) block certain size pictures (like 100x100), because they are frequently associated with pop-ups. Perhaps you have a similar "blocker"?
  9. Headman

    Headman TS Rookie

    Norton/Symantec 2005 Blocking ALL internet

    Whew boys...I am an extreme newbie so please bear with me...I got a computer about 6 months ago...worked great until...last week. Icons that have to do with internet began to disappear from my little bar at the bottom of the screen where the clock is located. Then I couldn't access webmail through Earthlink. They worked very hard to help me figger out Norton may be blocking me from connecting with my server...This thing is killing me...I got a couple thousand bucks invested here for a "hopped up typewriter"...Anybody got any ideas how I can uninstall this Norton mess and start all over agin...Remember, I am very "virgin" at this...Please go slow and be gentle with directions to help me with this problem...
  10. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

  11. Headman

    Headman TS Rookie



    I love that username...Good stuff...By a stroke of luck, I found some information on the Norton website that instructed me how to use msconfig in the start menu and "enable all" in the Norton section...Had I not lucked up on this info, I WOULD have taken the week off and figured it out...It became sort of a mission after the first couple of days...And what is the 29.95 all about for tech support...? My Norton came with my computer so I felt a little raw after finding out I would be charged for them to help me straighten out a mess by a newbie...Thanks to everyone for the support and input...
  12. HeddaLora

    HeddaLora TS Rookie Posts: 17

    It nuked some very important dll's of mine the other day. Caused me a lot of grief.
  13. sriresearch

    sriresearch TS Rookie

    The early bird doesn't always get it

    It’s hard to remember the good old days when Norton and Symantec were synonymous with quality problem-free software. Those are fleeting memories after purchasing Norton Internet Security 2005 a couple of weeks ago.

    The clue is in the name. Why did I ever purchase a problem labeled 2005 so early in the year? They must have rushed this system to market before they did adequate testing. Unfortunately all their fixes don’t solve all of the problems.

    I’m sure that their Tech Support staff are nice people, but they don’t response to specific questions. They have stock answers which they send no matter what you ask. And when you tell them something doesn’t work the way they think it does, they send the same response again. I don't think they understand what's going on yet. Maybe in 2006.

  14. btunik

    btunik TS Rookie

    switching to Firefox no help

    I have had the same problem. When shopping on Amazon. com after selecting items , click on add to shopping cart, get error message that something is wrong and will be fixed later (but it never it). even changing Personal Firewall and Privacy Control to minimum settings, problem persists. The only way ot is to completely inactivate Norton Internet security. But then I have no Virus protection.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  15. HeddaLora

    HeddaLora TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Look 'N' Stop is a good little firewall/security program. It keeps stuff out. It takes about 3 seconds to install. (It's not an AV program.)

  16. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    suggestions aplenty. Read the earlier posts in this thread!
  17. Powerline75

    Powerline75 TS Rookie

    This very particular problem posted n the thread original post is quite common among all us unhappy Norton subscribers. What maby some don't yet found, is that it mostly comes from ActiveX controls and/or complicated java strings. To put it as simple as possible, the more complicated the Java string or ActiveX control is, the higher the probability is that Norton will never allow you to view the page, ever! Most people will never find this out just because Norton is not configured to maximum levels. (It gives you full report on everything going on to your PC, but can get very annoying, giving report every 2 minutes). Then the ActiveX or Java blocking/question window will pop-up and either just inform you that you WILL NOT see the page, or it may let you try opening the page forever!
    Try another Antivirus and another software firewall, or you will get very frustrated (especcially if oyu own a Norton version from 2003 and later)
  18. ag28com

    ag28com TS Rookie

    Absolutely Dreadful!!!!!

    NIS 2005 has to be the worst software I have ever worked with. I installed it on two out of three PC's connected in a peer-to-peer network and had massive problems trying to get the network to work! After hours of messing around with the software, I uninstalled it and this resolved the problems!! This really is a pile of cack!
  19. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    Go for AVG - its cheaper, works well and can be administered centrally.

  20. dachosen1

    dachosen1 TS Rookie

    More NIS 2005 problems

    I just put NIS 2005 onto my computer recently.Since then ive had a lot of problems accessing gaming sites which also include their own e-mail/chat facilities.I had to download that sites active X program to allow it to work but as i said NIS wont let it work.In the manual for the internet security it mentions alot of jargon about allowing an ftp server to run behind NIS.Is this the answer to my problem?I am not computer literate so this manual is absolutely crap-doesnt explain things very well at all.
  21. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Your only solution is to UNinstall that load of Norton/Symantec bloatware crock.
    Then go stand in a corner, and say loud to your self: I will NEVER buy anything from Symantec again!
    Repeat 100 times!

    Then download the free AVG from www.grisoft.com and the free firewall from http://soho.sygate.com
  22. xe002

    xe002 TS Rookie


    ive got a similiar problem with nis 2005, it blocks programs even if they are permited in the config. when you try to change the access norton freezes :suspiciou

    btw if you turn it off the programs work

    otherwise nis 2005 have worked gr8 :stickout:
  23. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    You couldn't pay me to use anything but M$ firewall.
  24. msdstc

    msdstc TS Rookie Posts: 73

    is it just me or does anyone get lag from this too, not severe, but when going on the internet it takes longer, and to boot the computer it takes alot longer, alot forgot to mention this program is a huge resource hogger.
  25. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Spread the word: Norton/Symantec bloatware hogs your resources!
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