Norton Internet Security / Norton Systemworks conflict?

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Nov 26, 2005
  1. I seem to be caught in a never ending conflict loop here. My new Dell PC came with Norton Internet Security 2004 pre installed. I didn't pay for it I think it says it's like a 6 month free trial. In any case I had no problems with it until I went and bought Norton System Works Premier 2005. When I installed that, it detected the frebie version of Norton antivirus 2004 that came with Internet security 2004. It said I could not continue the installation unless I uninstalled Antivirus 2004 first. Problem is Antivirus 2004 has no uninstaller of it's own. I had to uninstall the whole Internet security 2004 to get rid of it! Once I did that system works installed fine. However every time I run Live update it tries to install the antispam update for the no longer installed Norton Internet Security 2004. I get an error message to "try again later because the install failed due to antispam core components failure to create a callback object. If I try to reinstall the Internet Security 2004 it won't install without reinstalling the old 2004 Antivirus too!
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    you may need to reload windows and all your software. then load systemworks 2005.
    Don't use norton firewall. It's garbage.
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    Put the garbage and the Norton on the tree lawn and someone will be along to collect it shortly...
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    not user friendly Norton Internet Security

    Norton Internet Security is the least user friendly antivirus/firewall program that i have got it took me lot of time to configure it
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