Notebook freezes in the middle of running Ad-Aware SE

By novice
Feb 17, 2006
  1. Hello

    Lately, my notebook (on XP-Pro) freezes whilst running the Ad-Aware program. In observing the status messages displayed while the program is executing, all I can gather is that it happens when trying to access certain files on my hard disk (C:\_rpcs in the latest instance from a custom scan and browser cache from a smart scan, if that helps) after finding '24 critical objects'. I also noticed then that when I try to execute other programs on my notebook via the start menu, it comes back with a 'login failure: account disabled' message. All programs seemed to have been removed from the programs list.

    I have also cleared all cookies and cache memory from my browsers and uninstalled and reinstalled Ad Aware but the problem remained.

    Please help. Thanks in anticipation.
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