Notetaking: Android tablet vs Chromebook

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Apr 16, 2013
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  1. I'm looking to buy a mobile device for note taking at school. Honestly most notes would be graphs and equations, not just texts. Would one product be better suited than another? For example tablets have touch screens but I could plug in a stylist. I need something easy to care and fast to turn on but doesn't need to run things like games or video editing software.

    I have an Android phone. Is the OS on it literally the same as what's on the tablets, and all the apps are the same in the play store? Most articles I red about the Chrome Notebook make it sound like Google isn't taking the Chrome Notebook seriously and it's going to be obsolete in a few years. Why does the Chrome Notebook sort of get a bad rap?

    I know Chrome Notebook's rely on web apps, if I'm not connected to the internet 100% is this an issue? I don't mind not being able to plug a printer directly into the notebook because I could e-mail it to myself.

    Generally speaking how does the speed, weight and battery compare?
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    I would take the Android tablet over the Chrombook. Google web apps are garbage. I am a student myself and I hate Google Docs. Here is why: I was taking a break from my PC and decided to go on my Mac since it was downstairs and was more convenient then going upstairs. I didnt have MS word on it and was stuck with Google Docs. The level of functionality is so little in google docs compared to MS Word.
    I do not have an android device so I dont know for sure, but on my iPad, I have a bunch of apps for note taking. Most apps that come to iOS are usually made for Android also, but that is not always the case. I was looking at Google play and found some apps like Papyrus. I personally like Catch for my iPad, and it is also on Android: A lot of people use Evernote: A good app for Math, particularly graphing and equations is Wolfram Alpha. I think your best bet is to get an Android Tablet. Chrombooks rely on internet to function so not being connected 100% of the time could be a problem. There are tons of apps you can chose from on Android that will help with a plethora of things, not just note taking.
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    Android tab has benefits of touch screen, so you can draw your complex graphs/formulas easier.
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    AH yes, these are problematic. At least with a good Office Suite, you have access to math symbols. IMO, it will be 10^6 light years before you see that in any App and may still be difficult even with a word program (read: emphasis on touch and emulation of smartphones and lack of tools for business use).

    Graphs (at least those presented in the classroom) can be captured via a picture and converted or stored as PDFs.

    Creating a graph (like one would naturally do with Excel) is an issue again for the tools you can load to the device.

    Raw lecture notes are relatively easy as there are means to create text messages or documents.
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    Hopefully Office for iOS and Android will help combat that.

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