NT AUTHORITY shutting down my PC

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Aug 2, 2003
  1. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

    You can do this to stop the computer restarting each time and give you time to install the patch.


    then select SERVICES (local) from the left hand window. Find "REMOTE PROCEDUE CALL (RPC)" from the right hand window, right click, porperties. From the RECOVERY tab you can then set it so windows won't reboot each time.
  2. trixalicious

    trixalicious TS Rookie

    Thanks for posting this info guys. I also found y'all through google and this is a huge help.
  3. SinFayth

    SinFayth TS Rookie

    does this really work? shall i get her to set it back to what it was after installing the patch?
  4. Scalpy

    Scalpy TS Rookie

    Cheers for the help guys, had this problem start this evening and now (touch wood) seems sorted.

    However, a friend of mine who was having the same problem has found something called msblast.exe in the windows/system32 directory, I have the same thing too (Win XP Pro)

    Can someone let me know if this should be here please. It's around 7kb in size.

  5. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

    Yes it does work.

    As for reseting it afterwards I don't know. The error still comes up that an error has occured but it doesn't force the shutdown.

    I haven't bothered setting mine back to the original state.
  6. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

    Yes I seem to have MSBlast.exe too. I killed it from processes in task manager and denied it internet access through zonealarm.

    I googled it but it finds absolutely nothing.
  7. Scalpy

    Scalpy TS Rookie

    Yeah can't find anything about it either, not sure what to do.
  8. Scalpy

    Scalpy TS Rookie

    defuzz are you using XP Pro or home? A friend of mine using XP home doesn't have that file.
  9. Negative_Pulse

    Negative_Pulse TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Just wanted to post and give my thanks for all the usefull information on here.

    My problem started about an hour ago. I figured out fast something was not right as the NT AUTHORITY msg was poping up about 1min after login every time, and then a 60sec timer to reboot.

    Lucky me i came across this site. Some very helpfull people here. Hope everyone gets their problem fixed.
  10. SinFayth

    SinFayth TS Rookie

    thank you all

    I got my gf to change her admin settings, it DID stop the countdown, and now she is able to download the patch

    Once the patch is installed, I shall probably keep her settings as are.. untill the next complaint lol.

    Thank you all, this forum is a life saver

  11. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

    XP Pro
  12. Scalpy

    Scalpy TS Rookie

    Hmm okay - so far 3 peeps with XP pro all have this .exe
  13. Tob

    Tob TS Rookie

  14. trixalicious

    trixalicious TS Rookie

    I run XP home edition, and I've got that MSBlast file.
  15. Scalpy

    Scalpy TS Rookie

    Cheers for that Tob.........and damn.

  16. b2bomber81

    b2bomber81 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    Regarding MSBLAST.EXE I believe this MSBLAST executable has something to do with this attack. I am new to this board, but I, as others, found it by searching Google regarding NT AUTHORITY as well. You guys are going to gain a lot of new members!

    Anyway, I did a test and found that as long as MSBLAST is running in the background, 100's of KB of data is sent to my computer every second even when I am not running any internet applications. In almost 10 seconds, I had involuntarily downloaded almost 1200KB worth of data - unknowing where its going to on the hard drive. But I went into Task Manager (CTRL ALT DEL) and disabled the little bugger. Immediately the data download ceased and I have had no more problems with auto shutdowns. But as soon as I reboot, MSBLAST restarts and the whole charade begins again.

    I too searched Google for MSBLAST and nothing came up. This is why I think its something new related to this "attack". Is this what Microsoft warned would happen without the Patch?

    BTW - for reference, I have a Dial Up connection. This is not a problem that is related to only DSL or Cable Modem users.

    Thanks again guys!
  17. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

  18. b2bomber81

    b2bomber81 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    Yes, I think this IS very new. It's litterally happening before our eyes folks!

    BTW - I have XP Home edition and have the MSBLAST.EXE file.
  19. SinFayth

    SinFayth TS Rookie

    so if i find MSBLAST.EXE what shall i do? delete? kill? run it? lol

    sorry im a bit of a newbie :S
  20. ilson

    ilson TS Rookie

    has anyone here with the problem NOT been using Messenger 6.0?
    my friends seem to think its related to messeger 6.0...we all used it and now we all have this problem (which is fixed for some much thanks to this thread!)
    however, i think my problem is a little more serious as my computer is an expensive piece of junk at the moment (see my previous post)
    so far i tried unplugging things and removing the battery, jumping the bios...
    and it still wont start up...
    i have had trobles with my powersupply, the fan stopped workin in it awhile back and since i've had a household fan blowing full speed on it to keep everything cool, and it was fine...
    any ideas?
    couls it be related to this problem?
  21. b2bomber81

    b2bomber81 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    Don't honestly know what to do with this file. For now, I have disabled it in Task Manager to keep it from running. But for all we know, this isn't the only file thats causing problems. Should probably run Antivirus and get the system cleaned up. That's what I am going to do right now. If MSBLAST really is causing the problem, it will probably delete it.
  22. ilson

    ilson TS Rookie

    is anyone with this problem NOT using MSN Messenger 6.0?
    my friends seem to think its related to the problem
    after we all got 6.0 we got this problem, and we didnt do much windows updating...
    anyway, this has helped resolve some problems with their computers...however, mine will not start up now
    i tried a few things
    unpluggin iall cords
    unplugging the cmos battery for an hour
    jumping bios
    its just totaly dead...
    im thinking it could be my power supply, the fan died on it over a month ago, and since then i've had a hosuehold fan blowing at it full speed with the side panels off...worked like a really loud charm
    any ideas?
    related to this or not?
  23. defuzz

    defuzz TS Rookie

  24. TFD

    TFD TS Rookie

    Ok, I had to d/l this file for my GF's mom and send it to her through MSN messenger. Now, I have one question, what difference does it make whether I d/l the 32-bit edition, or the 64-bit edition? I sent her the 32 because it's smaller and increases the chances she'll get the file without it shutting down on her :S
  25. woodee

    woodee TS Rookie

    The plot thickens eh!...yes i too am using MSN 6.0,i have deleted the value from the registry and need to scan for viruses,however i only have AVG free anti virus software,will this be good enough?

    A freind of mine downloaded the worm from Kazaa lite unwittingly so that is another avenue to be wary of
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