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May 13, 2004
  1. hey i just got two really nice 200g 8mb cache drives from work and decided to run them on raid 0. now my problem is that fat32 only supports up to 256gig and before i have always used fat32 rubecause of its compatibility. i am currently nning one 20g fat32 partition and a 350g ntfs partition. running them like this wont have an adverse effect on my performance thats what i heard. i have no idea on what to do with the formatting options. can i get some help please.
  2. Rick

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    NTFS hands down.

    You can format your 200GB drive in FAT32, but not with Windows XP or 2000. You'll need something like Partition Magic to do this.

    NTFS is far superior in many respects though, so I would choose NTFS. There are no compatibility issues unless you are dual booting XP and an older OS such as Windows 98.
  3. LNCPapa

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    What OS are you running? As far as I know FAT32 only officially supports up to 32 GB. I think that fact alone is enough to make a decision to go with NTFS. Also, your maximum file size is 4 gig - with that much space I assume you do some sort of A/V editing? Then you get the added security options of NTFS. Another vote from me for NTFS. I have 0 partitions formatted FAT32 out of my 20+ machines that are currently running.
  4. Moimit

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    i have only ever run win2kpro and winxppro in my rig. and can i have larger file support?. bigger than 4g would really make things easier. and yes fat32 officially supports 32g but 256g is 8 times larger and 32g is 8 times larger than 4g does anyone find that strange?. and they way i have my drive is ok i mean the way i have it partitioned?. ie a 20g boot partition and a 355g partition for everything else.
  5. StormBringer

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  6. Moimit

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    what is ntfs5?
  7. Nodsu

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    It's the improved version of NTFS supported in win2k and above. This is what you get by default when you format stuff in 2k or higher.
  8. Moimit

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    Thanks everyone i have now got a nice quick stable ntfs partition and my filesizes are much more acceptable. i wish there were a way to say thank you for your time. if theres anything i can do.
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