Ntkrnlpa.exe 50% cpu when idle - Vista

By colmansprint
Feb 27, 2008
  1. Hi
    Running vista business on dual core D 2.8ghz on intel Dp965lt.
    The output of dumps is on my website but I can't post links (!)
    See aranrock.dyndns.info/temp/ebay/ for all the dumps referenced below.
    sys.txt shows sytem configuration in the above link

    My CPU is running at about 50% when nothing is running and I can't figure out why.
    When I start up the system (before even logging in) I can hear the fans start up as a result of the increase in CPU.
    When I run Process Explorer and look at the 'System Idle Process'
    it shows two threads both belonging to ntkrnlpa.exe with a start address of ntkrnlpa.exe!KiIdleLoop.
    Each of these take up 30 and 24% CPU respectively.
    See the image of this pe.jpg at the site link above

    Any ideas?
    I thought it might have been my intel gigabit nic so I updated the driver on that (it was previously taking up 100% cpu on occassion).
    I also disabled the nic for a while to see if that made a difference (after reading some of these posts)

    Also when I shut down I get BSOD. I ran the debugging tool on the minidump in windows and it says I have Driver power state failure. See the minidump minidump.txt in the above directory

    When I run Kernel rate it shows ntkrnlpa.exe near the top.
    See the text report ker.txt

    I also ran SFC and it said it found some corrupt files but when I look at the log it generates it says all have been fixed.
    See cbs.txt in the directory above

    I'm not a systems expert so pls go easy on the tech instructions.
    Thanks in advance

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    You have a good reply in Systernals.
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