NTLDR is missing, drives are down

By mongrel79
Apr 25, 2008
  1. hi team - sorry for the classic first-time-post-pleading-for-help action, but i need some help!

    after months of slowly increasing bloat and many BSOD crashes, i decided to re-install windows xp clean. So i formatted my second hd, inserted the windows dvd and opted for a clean install.

    unfortunately after formatting 99% of my main hd, alas, my computer crashhes again and i'm back to my old friend the BSOD.

    So I reboot.

    Now all I get is an 'NTLDR is missing' error message. With the boot DVD in the drive.

    I have fiddled with the BIOS and made sure that it's set to boot from the DVD drive. No joy.

    The only progress i've made is to make a floppy boot disk, which it does detect, and gets me past the error. However once in i can't cd to any other drives than A: - which is weird, because when i start up primary and master slave drives all seem to be detected.

    Anyway, some help would be massively appreciated. I'm afraid good karma'll be your only reward though!
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    Welcome to TS. Perhaps you have already solved your problem.

    DVD drive - not bootable. Check out the media in another computer. Failure during format may be a hardware failure of the DVD drive. A media bootable in one computer does not guarantee that a different drive can read all sectors of the media.

    Given the history behind your decision, I tend to suspect the RAM; check RAM using memtest86+. Using this tool involves a bootable CD, which is another check of the DVD drive.

    This link for memtest has been recently updated for the newest release.

    "Guides & Solved Issues" have topics for reloading XP and for troubleshooting crashes & reboots.

    If the boot FD is Win98se and the HDD is formatted ntfs, I suspect that the environment ignores the HDD.
  3. mongrel

    mongrel TS Rookie

    I actually did get this sorted - i was confused by the Bios referring to my DVD drive as 'CD-ROM'. When I set that as a boot option it started off and I now have XP running like a dream!
    Thanks for getting back though....
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