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Apr 18, 2009
  1. Hi all you computer genius out there....please help!!

    I know there were a number of posts regarding the same error message....but they aren't quite the same as mine...

    about 2 weeks ago (some time around april's fool) my computer suddenly gave me the blue screen after i had it downloading stuffs but left it unattended for over 10 minutes or so... and on the blue screen it gave me some error msg which i thought was trivial because every now and then my computer gave me one of those msg that i couldn't understand a bit.... anyway...it was just intermittent and so i wasn't too worried, although i started to feel a bit worried about the stability of my computer...

    then the situation worsened. it started giving me the blue screen msg after before i could get through to the login page (where i was asked for login name and pwd)... but if i turned it off and then restarted it some time later it worked again... so that was still ok... i still haven't noted down the error msg

    and then it kept happening....and so i talked to some IT ppl in my sch who told me that it sounded like some video card problem... sorry i forgot to mention that i was either given the blue screen with error, or sometimes the screen just wouldn't even show things that were recognisable: all i could see was some white/black strips...something you get when your tv antenna is not quite in the right place... know what i mean? anyway....the IT ppl told me to check if the video card fan was working....or perhaps it needed cleaning or something... so i went home, had my hard case open and the fan was covered in dirt, so i cleaned it and it looked quite clean... at least clean enough for the computer to work fine again that day....

    and then the next day i turned on the computer....nothing was wrong at first... so i was glad and then left it there for 5 min or so to grab my snacks and prepared to eat while watching my clips on the computer....but as soon as i sat down and started to use the computer the screen shows again....and this time it was something " BAD_POOL_CALLER".... and i restarted it....and then ever since then i kept getting the same mesage: nv4_disp.dll blablablabla............ PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA

    and then it kept on coming back. i have read the articles that asked me to uninstall and stuffs....but then i've never done anything new to the computer before i started getting the stupid msg.... and it just kept coming back before i could actually go even into the login page!!

    and today i read some other posts...one of which suggested to open the case and clean the areas and take out the ram and put it back... sth like that....so i tried. i am a complete computer ***** and so i really don't know what is what.... but i did push some of those capacitor/whatever stuffs a little bit....and moved the wires sticking out of the video card fan a bit....and then turn on the computer and now i've got something much worse: i couldn't even see anything on my screen!! technically as soon as i turned on the computer it started beeping....beeping....beeping.... and the monitor obviously showed nothing. i noticed that the monitor power button was in the "standby" mode still... so my guess is that somehow the monitor is not properly connected to the power inside the computer? or something of that sort?

    so summaries of problems i have:
    1) no monitor: only beeps could be heard when computer is on

    2) before the no show on monitor i kept getting the nv4_disp.dll PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA msg...which showed even before i could start using the computer, and hence i couldn't uninstall or do any of the things others have suggested

    and sorry i am such a computer ***** that i can't really answer much about the specs of my computer.... but if anyone is interested in giving a hand please do ask me the questions necessary and i'll try to dig up those information....

    thanks in advance, to whoever being willing to help!!

    I'm not so keen to have my computer revived... all i really care is whether i could still retrieve all my files because those are really what i care!! as long as the files are safe i can just buy a new computer and have my files revived there!!
  2. Route44

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    First, nv4_disp.dll PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA is saying your Nvidia display driver is the cause of your issues.

    Second, some of what you described about the lines sounds like what they call artifacting meaning the video card is most likely dieing.

    Third, do you have a video card you can borrow to see if your monitor is working? OR you can take your monitor and attach to another system. Does it work?
  3. elfinerisa

    elfinerisa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks Route44... i gave up on my computer and took it to the pc shop this afternoon (before i read your reply) and they would be calling me some time to discuss/inform me of what might be wrong....
    thanks for being kind enough to look at my problem.... will probably post whatever the repair guys tell me for you and all the computer geniuses out there who might be interested~~
    thanks again =)
  4. elfinerisa

    elfinerisa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i did bring it to my computer friend before i brought it back to the shop. my friend was testing it with his monitor...and then he also took out the ram and used another ram he had (but the one he used was of a version a bit older/less powerful....whatever term you could think of to the effect of it being not as "good" as my original one) but the beep sound kept coming out. he recommended me to just bring it to the shop and see if they could figure something. and apparently i don't have a "video card"...my friend said something about it being embedded or something.... sorry all my descriptions seem so badly presented because when it comes to these technical stuffs about computers i just don't know the proper terminologies.... ^^;
  5. Route44

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    He most likely is referring to onboard video as opposed to having a video card installed.

    Let us know the outcome. I am now wondering if the beeps you are hearing are BIOS error codes.
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