Nvidia 196.75 GPU driver burning up graphics cards

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Mar 5, 2010
  1. captaincranky

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    Well Charles, it is obvious that there isn't the same "gravity of issue" between a runaway auto, and an overheated or broken video card. But for all the howling, and moaning going on you might get the idea that there is.

    If you will, consider this, the pool of people affected by the auto recall is certainly much larger, but I would be willing to bet that the percentages of reactions to the video card issue would be parallel with respect to percentage of similar responses.

    This is straight up because many of the guests are trolls, and their statements and opinions are the posting equivalent of a drive by download.

    Then you posted this response
    To a post by DBZ as follows

    "My guess would be that the black market for 196.75 will spring up so that "poor affected users" can trash their cards to get upgraded RMA replacements. Expect a rash of irate posters screaming that their dearly beloved 7600GS was K.I.A. and their vendor wont upgrade them to a GTX470."

    This remark was made in response to my Toyota analog. It is intended to be way over the top sarcasm or satire, so it seems that you missed the back story. I suppose that you could take it seriously, but that's really a stretch, and a complete misinterpretation of the material. It was intended to be outrageous, but not to evoke outrage. That response is between you and you alone.
    Well, it wouldn't be any fun if we sat around and agreed with each other all the time, now would it? And that's as much as I can type for the time being, my ADHD is acting up.
  2. dividebyzero

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    @ Guest/Chazz

    Below is a couple of posts from a forum (not this one I might add). You don't need to look too far on a lot of forums for similar posts. A lot of tech users are savvy enough to pick up the implications when something like this arises. My point is that a rash of spurious RMA /warranty replacements hardly helps the users with genuine complaints.
    Note that it only took twenty posts for some bright spark to postulate a plan...

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    WOW, so this means nVidia will have to pay to replace my old 9800 (that is in my kids machine) if I was to fry it with these drivers?? even if it was already out of warranty... Hmmmm.

    Originally Posted by oettinger
    WOW, so this means nVidia will have to pay to replace my old 9800 (that is in my kids machine) if I was to fry it with these drivers?? even if it was already out of warranty... Hmmmm.

    Could really worth a try. As this bug is OS and not BIOS based, i doubt they have a reliable way (or the time to waste) to check the fry cause


    Does having your card fried suck...why, yes of course it does, and I certainly hope nVidia/vendors look after the genuine cases. The main cause for complaint as I see it is that unaffected card users planning to bilk their vendors started showing up, in some cases, before genuine complainants.of toasted cards.

    @ Cap'n
    My original post was intended to highlight the nefarious nature of the ambulance-chaser creed, unfortunately even my OTT take on the matters mentioned pale beside the machinations of some "people"...no doubt the same minds that see a natural disaster as being no more than an opportunity to loot the victims.
  3. captaincranky

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    I have a question.......

    Wow, where do you get to be a "Senior Member" with only 146 posts. Especially if they're as low a grade as the one you selected. Just in case I feel like slummin' it. Jus' kiddin, perish that thought.

    My take that the post was intended to be outrageous but not to evoke outrage is at least partially correct.

    The only person that would be "righteously" indignant or outraged about it, is some a**hole about to try to put their hand in the cookie jar, as it were.

    But the fact America has turned from, "land of liberty" to, "land of parasites, lawyers, and litigation", is a sad but enduring tragedy.
  4. cocodel

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    I am on Nvidia but wont take chance updating my driver! wait for fix on this problem
  5. levar

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    same here, I gonna check it out once I get home. Haven't been doing much gaming for a while anyways so I good, thanks for sharing this.
  6. Alphadeus

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    Geez it's news like this that really makes me nervous. I had never really used my PC for gaming until I got Left 4 Dead on sale from steam for $7.49 during the holidays. I tried to play it but couldn't get a decent framerate.

    I read that the newest driver improved framerates across the board and decided to install it. It didn't help. It actually made the framerate drop to unplayable levels. I had then decided to get a program to monitor my temperatures and was shocked to see my video card running at 120C! I had a 9500GT from a previous computer that I put in out of desperation and it runs perfectly at 42C or so (I'm guessing it's alright since the number isn't red like 120C was :p)

    I'll have to backtrack the driver just to be safe even though I haven't had any issues with it. Thanks for the news. Wish I found this site sooner >.>
  7. captaincranky

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    Techspot did some tests a while back and found that the 9500GTs ran hotter natively than most or all of the other cards tested. See page here; https://www.techspot.com/review/134-budget-midrange-gpu-roundup/page9.html Hey, I have one too, don't shoot the messenger.
  8. techsp10

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    Somewhat interesting!!! Because it is my first time to hear that a graphics card burn up. It's quite new to me. I'll research about this.
  9. bigclick

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    Sometimes the bleeding edge is dangerous to more than the pocket book. I expect this from hardware with total watts outrunning the power supply and things like that. I even wait on Microsoft patches. I never would have considered this possibility.
  10. captaincranky

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    The gamer is always demanding higher frame rates, and although we don't normally give it much thought, it seems you can attempt to meet those demands with a software "solution". In this case, Nvidia was perhaps a bit too, "successful" :rolleyes:
  11. ravisunny2

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    Any feedback on WHQL graphics driver release 197.13 ?
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